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Add ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd ReminderAdd Reminder

The description Add Reminder Apk

Reminder app and widget that reminds you about important events and tasks and morning call.
Never miss a birthday, mlb ballpark, wedding, tasks or event with this beautiful date countdown widget.
No longer need to manually calculating days left until some date.
Сountdown timer is reminder with alarm.
Сustomize your Сountdown timer widget and app as you wish:
- Many Themes
- Customize colors
- Different widget backgrounds
- Add reminder

Add Reminder and you never forget an date.
Add Reminder and wake up with morning call.
Create a to do list with smart reminder.
Countdown timer widget will help you countdown to date.
Сreate to-do list and get excellent task reminder.
Did you ever forget your girlfriends birthday?
You never miss this day again, because you have a Remind Me widget.
Countdown widget to a celebration, your wedding, a birth in your family, new year, christmas - reminder widget can it - add reminder.

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  • 1.68
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • June 1, 2020
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 8e8a62537cca0d12e0fefc91811a54b1
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  • 1.67
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • May 23, 2020
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • c19fcf3758e527e3016cd8452057a4f8
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  • 1.66
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 19, 2019
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 726646b21aee850e4993c5a7b1f2f4a5
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  • 1.65
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • August 30, 2019
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • dafe1a199d808bf9cee009e17fb1ef25
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  • 1.63
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 15, 2019
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • f5b43c5d89cac494b4db18ecf4347a32
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  • 1.62
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 13, 2019
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • fbe6f1b30180c5089a92d99d0fc68fda
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  • 1.59
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • December 18, 2018
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 81e2a816ee1c4fa979b2630f66e0a87f
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  • 1.58
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 22, 2018
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 43a08c2d83b365a5446d5909cece11fa
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  • 1.55
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 6, 2018
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 581c2d0b1d84c0460e2e1dfd68bf4ea8
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  • 1.54
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • April 27, 2017
  • 3A7ACC47ED2A41972855BF55F9D655DBB745F4FC
  • 2ea6701032b8ca2409b44201357ae925
  • fix some crashes
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10 recent comments of Add Reminder APK

It's visually attractive but lacks instructions. New users really have to discover on their own on how to use this app by trial & error. With a program that had been selected as a "Reminder" for important events... one does not want to 'hope' that they've 'set up the reminder app' correctly. This app has great potential to be a "5 STAR" if only the programmers would fix the issues that many user have voiced concern in using. *Also, when an event has passed an app should time-out/age the event and not leave it up in the Reminder list.


Good app and I do like it. My only gripe is when a task is complete, I would like for it to be removed without me having to remove it. I also would like to see more colors, have access to more emojis THEN I will give it 5 stars. Other than that, it does help me keep track of my schedule. Good job!

Tee Tee

I love the rich bright colors. I am giving 5 stars but would like a change on the next update to have bigger widget sizes to choose from. I want to use one of my home screens for this app only. I paid $1.99 for no ads which is great. Samsung S8 +

Tom Oswald

Except for a very few minor issues, this is exactly what I was looking for. Love that you can apply different colors and icons to each alarm. Love that you have many options available under the repetition setting including the option to choose a specific date of off a calendar. I also like that you can slide to either snooze, dismiss or settings when the alarm goes off. I especially love that it organizes the alarms by date, THEN time.

Nishant K

I'm disappointed that I have to re-enter my entire calendar. I would have thought this new, to me, app would automatically access my calendar database. Or, at least, allow me to import events by type or, perhaps, a date range. I'm already busy enough that I don't have the time to go back and re-enter each and every calendar item yet another time. Sadly, I'm uninstalling & continuing my search for one will will not cause me the need to re-enter every calendar entry

Teresa Swaim

When I'm at work I don't want to hear a song played as the reminder sound. I could change the sound on each reminder but only to another song. I could not change the default sound. Way too many ads and many of these had sound - not a good thing when you're at work.

drdarshana palande

It's not so handy n easy to use app.while editing many times I have lost all my tasks without doing anything. So many adds disturb you when you are in the urgency of setting task.

A Google user

Bought this app...... Set a reminder and missed an important appointment cause the default sound or alarm didn't sound! Not trustworthy..... ☹️

A Google user

LOVE IT. Not enough icons, but fun to use. WHAT IS VKONTAKTE in disposition choices? Also, "complete" is misspelled.

Tony Henderson

Well done guys.. Please put in a delete button for completed tasks... FIX THE PROBLEM PLS

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