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*** DEPRESSION A Misunderstood DISEASE ***

Dear Reader,

Did you know

That ten million Americans are affected by depression every year?
That more women than men suffer from depression?

Depression is no laughing matter. It is a serious debilitating disease that affects every facet of life for the sufferer. Sadly it is also on the increase at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately many people with depression either go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to a lack of knowledge. This is scary because for the depressed person life can become a living hell leading to serious consequences.

Taking the first step

The first step is discovering if you do suffer from depression. The next step is understanding what depression is all about and how to deal with it.

Most information about depression is written in technical terms and unless you are a trained therapist you will need a medical dictionary to decipher the content.

What's really needed is a guide that is easy to read and understand. That's where "DEPRESSION A Misunderstood DISEASE"comes in. It is unlike anything else out there that discusses depression.

It is easy to digest and understand. But most importantly it gives you answers! Answers to burning questions like these:

* What is depression - Learn how serious this disease is and what are some of the disabling effects.
* What are the different types of depression - Not all depression is alike. All types are serious but some are severe. Learn what they are.
* What causes depression - Causes can run the gamut from stress to hormonal or social factors. Discover how this differs from person to person.
* Symptoms and common myths about depression - Some of the symptoms may be obvious while others may be masked. Learn how to tell the difference and also eliminate some of the old wives tales.
* Who gets depression - Anyone. It affects people across all age, sex and socio-economic backgrounds.

"DEPRESSION A Misunderstood DISEASE" places you in control of the situation. Understanding what depression is arms you with the tools to know how to treat it. A few of the additional benefits you'll get from this guide are:

* How is depression diagnosed - Nothing takes the place of a professional diagnosis - However, we teach you how to determine if it is time seek medical advice.
* Options for treatment - A complete evaluation by your psychologist determines the appropriate treatment options. We cover them for you in depth so you have an idea what to expect.
* Alternative therapies - Therapies such as biofeedback, hypnosis, yoga and others are discussed as treatments for mild depression.
* What happens if depression is not treated - Left untreated depression can cause serious upsets to physical as well as mental stability. It is important to understand in detail what this means and we cover that in depth.
* Depression and Suicidal Thoughts - This is probably one of, if not THE most important reason for learning everything you can about depression.

What's Next

If you or a loved one appears to be "out of sorts" refer to your copy of "DEPRESSION A Misunderstood DISEASE" before you spend thousands of dollars on treatments that may or may not be the right answer.

Take the time to arm yourself with information that will help you make intelligent decisions on how to proceed. Most importantly, if you suspect depression get help somewhere. Just get help!

We truly hope you see the potential here, and realize how important this offer is!
Please enojoy the preview and upgrade to full version with commercial free.

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