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Size 134.36 MB (140,890,894 bytes)
Developer CrazyLabs LTD
Category Games, Simulation
Package Name com.weloadin.dessertdiy
OS 6.0

Dessert DIY GAME description

Cake decorating! Put some icing on the cake and make the perfect ice cream roll!
Make a sweet ice cream roll, perfect cream with icing on the cake, and embellish cakes with creative flair in this captivating cake game. Embrace your inner cooking master as you experiment with jelly dye, lollipop, and unlock your confectionery potential.

Explore different perfect cream roll desserts, different styles of icing on the cake, lollipop, fruit ingredients and become a cooking master who creates sweet roll desserts.

Pick up a dessert of your choice: ice cream roll, perfect cream roll desserts, mirror cake, popsicle stack.

Make sweet ice cream of your favorite flavour just like in ice cream inc

Enjoy icing on the cake with all kinds of cake decorating tools like a professional cake maker.

Make a combo with ingredients like syrup, icing on the cake and fill the fridge with delicious desserts etc.

Get creative with decorative toppings to your dessert like in your favourite cake decorating games

From lollipop-inspired cake designs to mastering the art of the ice cream roll, your journey as a cooking master and cake maker is filled with endless sweet possibilities.

Become a cooking master, upgrade your sweet dessert shop by selling dessert to the customers, so they can choose anything from popsicle stack, ice cream, lollipop, mirror cakes to creative cake decorating and many more!

Discover the joy of lollipop sweetness, become a cake maker maestro, and unveil your inner cooking master. Experiment with vibrant jelly dye and craft mesmerizing ice cream roll sensations. With Dessert DIY your confectionery dreams come true!

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