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Version 2.2.8
Size 31.61 MB (33,140,558 bytes)
Developer FireSword
Category Games, Casual
Package Name com.FireSword.DicePop
OS 5.1

Dice Pop:Merge Puzzle GAME description

Dice Pop:Merge Master is a casual matching game for all ages
In this game,5-10 seconds of interstitial ads are given priority and you can get the same rewards as 30-second video ads

Game goal: Pursue a dice with a larger number of points to achieve a higher score

【Basic gameplay】
- Drag the dice on the disc to the board
- More than 3 dice with the same number can be combined with a larger number of dice
- The more dice eliminated in a single pass, the higher the score
- The new dice after synthesis can continue to trigger elimination, the more consecutive eliminations, the higher the score
- When the board is filled, the game is over

【Game Features】
-Three characteristic elimination modes, independent global ranking
- Clearance mode: Clear the initial 10 marked dice to clear the level.
-Classic mode: three 6 dice can be combined into a gem dice, three gem dice will cause an explosion, eliminating the surrounding 3X3 dice
- Fun mode: the highest number can be synthesized to the 15th dice, three 15th dice will cause an explosion, eliminating the surrounding 3X3 dice
- The gold coin carousel will send gold coins every 6 minutes, and watch the advertisement to send 3 times more gold coins
- When the board space is not enough, three special props will help you survive in a desperate situation:
1. Change the dice to be placed on the disc, and the chance of a single dice appearing after upgrading the features increases
2. Randomly blow up a dice on the board, and there is a chance to blow up again after upgrading the feature
3. Change the position of a dice on the chessboard at will. After upgrading the feature, there is a chance to use it without consuming the quantity.
- Magic dice: When the magic dice is eliminated continuously, the magic dice will gain energy, and it can be used when it is full of energy, and it will fly to a certain grid on the chessboard.
-Gold coins can upgrade features, powerful features can help you achieve higher scores, and you can even skip interstitial ads to get rewards
- Rich achievement system waiting for you to challenge

A good helper to easily decompress, exercise brain power, and kill fragmented time
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