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Old pallets have many uses, need ideas? please download now!
Why You Should Recycle Wood Pallets
Wood pallets that cannot be repaired and reused must either be recycled or thrown away in a landfill. This is the reason why wood pallet recycling is such an attractive option. Once a pallet can no longer be used, or it is too damaged to continue, then there are several different options to recycle it. For instance, a pallet is made up of several slats and other components. Sometimes, these components can be removed from the broken ones, and can be used to repair pallets that still have some life left in them, or can be used to create entirely new pallets out of the pieces that remain. Components that are simply too damaged to be useful can ground up, and used as landscaping material or as pellets for wood stoves. There are many uses for good wood, even if they are damaged scraps.

Recycled pallets is a much needed service in our country and around the world. Pallets are used for shipping nearly everything and can be found discarded behind shopping malls, warehouses and other pallet recycling ideas. There are many ways to recycle pallets and one of the most popular is to re-purpose the pallets and turn them into furniture, fences, sheds, pallet box, pallet suppliers, scrap pallets, plastic pallets, and all sorts of other handicrafts.

It wasn't always that way though. There were times when I went to the big box home improvement pallet recycling ideas and purchased new lumber for my projects. If you've bought any new wood lately, where to buy a pallet, pallet cost, you'll know that it isn't cheap! I knew that if I could find a source for used wood I could cut the pallet ideas down considerably.

Anyone can do a wood pallet recycling and it's easy to get started.
Supplies needed: There is only a few things you'll need to get started in your own wood pallet recycling. A pair of work gloves, an electric drill, a hammer, some nails, and the chainsaw
Finding wood pallets: Finding wood pallets to recycle in your area is much easier than you might think. Everywhere you go like department stores, malls, factories and any business that produces or sells large volumes of products you'll find wood pallets lying around.

Once you have collected all your wood pallets you'll need to sort them by size, For example a common size is 36"x48", so place all your wood pallets this size in one stack and by doing this it will make it easier for you to deliver the size your need.

Repairing wood pallets: Any broken wood pallets can be quickly repaired by simply taking the worse of your broken wood pallets apart and using the stock to repair the others. Most wood pallets are made from oak and oak that has been seasoned is very hard to nail through, so to get around this problem simply drill a small pilot hole for the nail. All broken planks on a wood pallet must be replaced.

there are plenty of ideas to recycle old wood pallets, for example, to make interior furniture, garden furniture, wall shelves, storage bins, beds, garden fences, etc. All already in this application.
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