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The description DOTKey Apk

DOTKey 2.1 is here! Please be sure to update to the latest version of Solo Desktop to take full advantage of all of the new features when using Solo!

DOTKey is an exciting and new way to type. Unlike traditional keyboards with their "one size fits... nobody" approach, We designed DOTKey to offer a unified and efficient user interface regardless of hand size, number, handedness etc. Our patent-pending approach enables a typing method that is:

Fast: Up to 65 words per minute or more!
Sight-free: Look at WHAT you are typing, instead of the keyboard you are typing it on!
Comfortable: Automatically calibrates to your hand-size and orientation!
Ambidextrous: DOTKey is for everyone!

FINALLY! - True touch-typing for your touchscreen!

When you install DOTKey on your device you get two things:
1) The DOTKey keyboard - which you will type with
2) The DOTKey application - which you will use to learn/practice DOTKey, and to configure settings.

If you are new to DOTKey you will want to practice for a while before making it your primary keyboard. When you are ready to make the switch simply enable DOTKey as you would any other 3rd party keyboard and set it as your primary keyboard. Please see the in-app menu item "Enable DOTKey" for more information on how to do this. For more information about DOTKey in general please visit our website at:

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  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • August 18, 2019
  • 67AF3BDBE5AC6AEC3D40C42EB40AD922C949CC24
  • 11989d9754d13c789ff7d2e609e3eb52
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  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • August 11, 2019
  • 67AF3BDBE5AC6AEC3D40C42EB40AD922C949CC24
  • 75a91b269fd90ae534e70341102d159a
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