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  • 0.10.50
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
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The description DriveDroid Apk

This application requires root

DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This is ideal for trying Linux distributions or always having a rescue-system on the go... without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.

DriveDroid also includes a convenient download menu where you can download USB-images of a number of operating systems from your phone (like Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Arch Linux). Around 35 different systems are available at this moment.

You can also create blank USB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive. From your PC you can store files onto the USB-drive, but also use tools on your PC to write images to the drive.

• This application uses features of the kernel that may or may not be available/stable on your phone. Tests have shown most phones work without problems, but please keep in mind yours might not (yet) work out-of-the-box.
• Most kernels support emulating USB drives, some support emulating CD-rom drives and kernels with the right patches support both.
• Most Linux-related ISOs can be booted from USB drives, but some ISOs can only be booted from CD-rom drives or require some kind of conversion.

Paid version
• No ads.
• Resizing of images.
• Add your own download repositories. Nice for companies or groups that want to share custom or licensed images.

More info:

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  • 0.10.50
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • November 22, 2018
  • 14A8B6B2F8A3F520B1C75C523C07473C1D92D8BA
  • 806e607a7e8b798ca8a659d02e625610
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  • 0.10.27
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • October 4, 2016
  • 14A8B6B2F8A3F520B1C75C523C07473C1D92D8BA
  • 61ba2b6e47712836b4d0b4d472eae028
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  • 0.9.29
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
  • add4713886e42fb97b65ce44ca15d94b
  • * Fixed LUN discovery for double-symlinked paths. This fixes LUNs not being discovered on some custom kernels.
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  • 0.9.21
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
  • e602744bfd12c3dfa4dcee435eca3c5a
  • * Fixed LUN discovery for double-symlinked paths. This fixes LUNs not being discovered on some custom kernels.
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  • 0.9.18
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 14A8B6B2F8A3F520B1C75C523C07473C1D92D8BA
  • a5b416267812c6249a4393d810c63357
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10 recent comments of DriveDroid APK

Lachlan Harris

This is a godsend. So much better than needing to carry around a dozen boot USBs. Had a few problems setting up on OnePlus One, but with correct configuration it's flawless. My only request would be to select a folder instead of an image, and have DriveDroid emulate the filesystem, but that's an epic feature request. Great job :)

Daniel Goober

This needs to be able to work without rooting the phone, as most Android phones are not able to be rooted. Or at least make the app able to force a root long enough to act as a PC boot disk.

Erwan Le Pape

Worked great but since upgrading to Marshmallow, it's been failing to host images, regardless of the USB option used

Slim Jim

Best app ever. Works with Chromebooks. I mounted a GalliumOS iso file using this app and booted it with my Chromebook. Now I have a much better operation system. Someone give these developers some money.

Paul Sandru

I created an image to make a bootable usb of windows 8 and it didn't work.That is not the problem.The problem is that i can't find where the image is located and it uses 9 gb of my memory which is not that small

CF Duinkerken

Really great app! It removes the hassle of burning everything to a cd. Also very useful when you need to repair something. ?


This is GREAT. Not only saved my butt when a USB stick failed I'd no other way to boot a server, but is really handy with the ability to use multiple images etc. Won't carry a USB stick any more because of this :)

Randall Colitz

This app helps me eliminate the need to burn DVD's, and CD-ROM's. I have all my image files literally at my fingertips.

mike jones

I can't root my phone, there's no root for zre warp elite. Will this work? If so 5 stars.

A Google user

Genius work

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