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Version 1.0.0
Size 13.90 MB (14,578,154 bytes)
Developer Panorama Studio
Category Games, Arcade
Package Name com.panorama.save.mrdursley
OS 4.0.3 and up

Dursley Drop GAME description

Just swipe to save your favourite next door neighbour since its raining tiles
Just swipe to save your favourite next door neighbour since its raining tiles. Gather all your thrill ad speed to survive the rapid fall. A game that will challenge all your focus to your core. But Beware! Once you began, you cannot stop. It’s a run for life. A game perfect not just for you but also for your friends and your family. You can play it with your kids, give them turns or let’s get selfish and stick to it all by yourself. It’s ready when you are!!

Just when Mr. Dursley thought that he was now all safe from the menace of his next door neighbour he found that he was mistaken. He was ready for his new life so he started renovating his house with colorful tiles and went for a hair transplant. Just when he got back after getting his new black hair he was attacked by his own colorful tiles. Turns out that his little neighbour had found his way up on the roof and is dropping tiles down thinking that he is helping the construction company by helping them taking their material down. He is unaware that Mr. Dursley is standing right in his yard defending himself from the falling tiles.
How to Play:
1- Drag Mr.Dursley away from the falling tiles.
2- The speed will increase gradually and you will find your dragging skills up for the toughest test.
3- Yap that’s it!! Keep on dragging.
The survival of the fittest is the rule in this jungle. The falling tiles are random in their manner and the challenge is to survive for the maximum time. The faster you get the farthest you will go.
You can compare your performance with your friends and family and every other player on the leaderboard. We entertain your competitive spirit and the leaderboard will fuel your ego to go further and further challenging your own stamina.
Bonus Features:
All this running and stress makes Mr.Dursley gassy and every time you tap on his tummy he will relieve himself of some. Although he will tell you not to do it since it’s not very manner able to fart in public but all the menace fans will be up to no good and will not listen to him. Enjoy and make your kids laugh even when you are resting your thumb from all that dragging.
The colorful tile drop will help your child in his cognitive abilities to develop creatively. They will learn their colors while having fun. They will develop their sense of direction rapidly. Plus it’s more and more Fun!!!!
It will be a new record addition in the genre of the Arcadian games. You can revive your time right from where you died by watching an ad. But! It’s not another annoying game with lots and lots of advertisements. No! You will only get them when you want to revive yourself or you can skip them if you are not in the mood!
The game is very child friendly and does not contain any violent or abusive content. Every design has been finalized taking the safety of the children’s mind in perspective. You can relax after handing them over the controls without bothering that they will end up watching unfriendly content.
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