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Easy Text Editor Plus is a compact general-purpose text editor. Use this text to easily edit any kind of plain text or data file. Text Editor has all the essential features to make text or any data file to edit in a breeze:

1. Large file and long line support.

2. Full Unicode support, including complex scripts and right-to-left scripts.

3. Direct editing of text files using Windows, UNIX, and mac Mac text encoding (code pages) and line breaks.

4. Unlimited undo and redo for all open files, even after saving.

5. Automatic backup and working copies prevent data loss.

6. Powerful search-and-replace with literal search terms and regular expressions that can span multiple lines.

7. Technically it can edit any file that supports text or characters such as files that has extensions of html, srt, doc(only text), docx(only text), nfo, xml, cpp, c, sql.

8. Included Features: Save, Save As, Open Recent, Remember Last File, Font Selection, Font Size, Auto Save, Keep Screen On.

9. Language supported on the app is English, Russian, German.

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  • 1.22.23
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 1, 2019
  • 796379D2D34AC6A4A3395B82C64E31DD1A5486E2
  • 342efab08487ef5c0e5b264eab491c11
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