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ECHO - Microlearning APPLICATION description

Renewed corporate training: Microlearning, Training Reinforcement, Gamification.
Organizations invest countless resources in formal training. But what happens after formal training is over? What happens to all that investment when the forgetting curve sets in? How do employees transfer their newly acquired knowledge to the job?

Meet ECHO - a microlearning and training reinforcement app that provides the kind of on-going and just-in-time support that is needed to bolster learning and impact performance. Use ECHO before, during or after your ILT and WBT courses to bridge the learning-doing gap. ECHO increases the return on the investment you have already made in course development and LMS infrastructure.

ECHO is AI powered. The product's design is backed by numerous scientific studies in the cognitive psychology field and 15 years of careful study of how people learn and transfer what they have learned to their job.

Key Features and Benefits

Full Microlearning Platform - Use ECHO to turn your mundane course-centric training program into an engaging employee-led microlearning campaign. Converting bulky training material into light, bite-size content that can be readily consumed on mobile devices has never been easier. With an elegant and intuitive mobile-first, performance-focused design, employees can access the content they need anytime, anywhere.

Effective Training Reinforcement - By practicing 5 minutes a day, your employees can improve their long term retention by 30% and more. ECHO carefully measures the retention levels of each employee, and delivers individualized retrieval practices that interrupt forgetting and make learning durable.

Intelligent Retrieval Practice Engine - ECHO Assembles and serves retrieval practices dynamically to each employee in order to close the competency gaps for a given body of knowledge in the shortest time possible. Each retrieval practice is personalized to one employee based on the engine’s assessment of employee's current mastery level.

Optimum Reinforcement Schedule - Employees receive a mobile push notifications when it is time to practice. Each microlearning program has its own reinforcement schedule for retrieval practices, smart tips and micro learning modules. Learners are able to personalize the reinforcement schedules to reflect their preference.

Gamified Experience - ECHO challenges and other gamification features make your microlearning and training reinforcement programs more appealing and engaging. Employees can showcase their achievements and compete at individual and team levels.

Smart Tips - Employees receive daily tips that address their unique competency gaps and performance needs.

Flashcards - Let your learners use this proven tool to practice those hard to retain concepts and conquer their competency gaps. Flashcards include built-in support for audio and video content.

Fully Native - ECHO is built on a mobile-first architecture. The product’s 100% native implementation ensures a fast response time, full offline functionality and extensive support for touch gestures.
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