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Welcome to the all-new ElJay 2, a LiveJournal client for Android devices!

Now you can easily post blog entries to your LiveJournal, or many other services that use the LiveJournal code, like Dreamwidth, InsaneJournal, and DeadJournal. Posting entries support location and GPS, user pictures, moods, tags, and more. Friends list browsing and attaching images is available for LiveJournal users as well.

Requires a pre-existing account at LiveJournal or another third party service.

Questions and support is available by contacting the developer, or at http://www.sensicalinc.com/software/eljay

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  • 2.2.2
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 91EE85A9324F3B586C6DFA7E1E054FCB9F9315F2
  • f314b2a2867243b242c0822e8448ca27
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10 recent comments of ElJay LiveJournal Client APK

Constance Beckett

My 5 star rating is now a 2 star rating. I used and loved this app for years. It was fantastic. It is easy to use, and very easy to work with... EXCEPT now it crashes every time you try to post. I uninstalled and reinstalled and have uninstalled again... this time stopping to read other reviews. Seems I'm not the only one who suddenly can't post. I'll watch for updates.

Angel Smith

So... This app used to work great, I loved it. I used it for all my posting needs as it just made it easier instead of having to pull up a browser all the time. I would have gladly given it a 5 star rating. But now it crashes every time I try to make a post. Ive removed the app and reinstalled it and it still won't allow me to post... It's become very frustrating.

Genevieve W

It was fine until it stopped letting me read my friends page. I can post, but the friends page option is dark - not able to see anything. Edit: had to do an uninstall/reinstall and got it working again. However, upon closing the app it said it couldn't create an account (I didn't ask it to) and that I might have to uninstall/reinstall... but opened again just fine. Something is weird.

Joshua Jongema

I don't like that Everytime I edit and save an entry, my timestamp gets set back maybe half a day. So if I edit a lot the entry goes down the list and now I can't even recall when I wrote the entry and this is VITAL to me personally, so 2 stars until this is fixed. I'm better off using my browser at this point.

Ilya Butenko

It's a bit worse than the native app: formatting problems, limited views... Is there a good LJ client for Android?

Deb Morrissey

Won't let me view my friends list now that I've moved to Dreamwidth. Literally the only thing I want to do. I don't post, I only read communities and a few individuals.

Megan Baldwin

The app is acceptable, but the entry settings needs work on the formatting so that it fits to the screen properly. Also, whenever editing an entry, every time, it resets the icon to the default, which creates a lot of additional work to adjust the settings AGAIN.

Eric TF Bat

Just stopped working with Dreamwidth. Probably because it's not using https. Should change the DW option.


No longer let's me update my Dreamwidth account through it. Just keeps showing its loading and never does anything.

Alexandra Taylor

Using it on IJ. Can post entries but can't check flists. Also doesn't seem to be able to manage multiple accounts at once. Keeps trying to post in the most recently added account.

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