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The description Equalizer & Bass Booster Apk

This is one of the best Equalizer & Bass Booster player on Android, can improve the sound quality of your Android device, implying unprecedented sound quality.
Is suitable for all music lovers a professional player Intuitive player, innovative operation
Improve the sound of your music on a whole new interface even simpler and elegant. Perfect for maximizing sound volume, listening to your favorite songs and playlists and revisiting your music!
Use professional audio, video decoding technology that allows high-fidelity music and video playback. In addition, most Professional Equalizer & Bass Booster will help you manually set the music for your exclusive property.
Equalizer & Bass Booster is a ten-band music player. Play your favorite songs with ultimate adjuster available in this player. To give extra bass effect use Equalizer & Bass Booster system. Tune yourself with real audio effects and balance sound with Left-Right stereo adjuster. Became a master of music to control everything on your fingertips in single apps. Adjust 10 band equalizer to enhance sound quality and save your bands to listen same anytime anywhere. With Equalizer & Bass Booster You can select sound effect instantly by default presets. UI and swipe feature of Bass Booster and Equalizer allow you to easy control of music player. Easily listen vocal only of songs with vocal tuner with Equalizer & Bass Booster

1. Very easy to modify sounds frequencies with 10 band equalizer.
2. Very strong song search tool to play song quickly.
3. The bass booster tuner enhance bass effect on headphone and woofer.
4. Power Boost button allow you to boost bass instantly.
5. Vocal allow you listen only vocal.
6. Balance L/R (Left-Right) and use mono also to perfect sound.
7. Select default presets to switch sound type easily.
8. Your player available in 3 theme blue like you are rock, lovely as pink and white to descent .
9. Equalizer system is available.
10. Volume tuner allow you to boost volume.
11. Bass Booster app have a managed music library which allow you to better songs search and create playlist.
12. Free music player app have sleep timer feature. Songs automatically stop after some time set by you.
13. Now playing allow you to drag drop songs and arrange to play in order one by one.
Equalizer & Bass Booster does not work with all music players. Some have their own equalizers, and others are just not compatible. If you have a problem with the music player, turn off the music music app or restart your device, then try again. We recommend using Google Play Music.

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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • November 2, 2017
  • A783151A57B2F58D6E7D377BE216F3564D419F36
  • e7faba33c4352b8f364aa0e0cdacc556
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