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Version 2.481
Size 23M
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OS 5.1 and up

ETH Server Miner APPLICATION description

ETH server miner is a free Etherium miner, without using a phone.
ETH server miner is an opportunity to get Etherium for free by managing cloud mining from your phone.
The application provides the ability to use a small amount of power allocated to mining farms, and earn coins while using the application. Accumulate ETH, speed up mining, become a part of the crypto world!

ETH server miner is not only about mining:
- management of the mining process remotely, on real equipment
- the ability to increase the speed of production due to bonuses
- get more crypto coins by attracting friends to the project
- evaluate the possibility of mining
- get an interesting experience in the cryptoindustry

Some information for newcomers to the crypto world about the process of mining coins.
Interest in cryptocurrencies in the modern world is growing exponentially, and it is difficult now to find a person who has not heard of bitcoins, Etherium is probably the most famous altcoin.
Blockchain in translation means a chain of blocks, it is in this chain that all transactions take place. To understand how this network works, let's present it in the form of a book. The constituent components of the blockchain are pages - blocks, and transactions are records. In order to create a new page in the blockchain ledger, the information about old blocks is processed. It is impossible to remove any component from this system: the blockchain reliably stores data in encrypted form about all transactions that have occurred in it. To form a new page of the blockchain book, i.e. block, you need to solve a math problem.
A person who has completed this task with the help of computing equipment receives a reward in bitcoins. The solution to these problems ensures the operability of the system and is called mining.

24/7 support
If you have questions, problems and suggestions on the operation of the ETH server miner application, please contact our customer support service.
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