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The description Event Logger Apk

Event Logger is a tool used to record events and display them in chronological order.

With Event Logger, you minimize the amount of paperwork that you would need to do for repetitive tasks. The idea of the app was originally developed for use with nursing notes, but it has been adapted to be general purpose.

- Add as many buttons and options as you want!
- If a simple checkbox is not enough, each button may have one comment field that can be used for additional comments.
- Export to email or CSV (csv file saved to external SD card).
- Scalable font size. On high resolution phones, the events can seem pretty small.
- Ability to edit events and add comments later.

Feature requests can be emailed to [email protected], however I cannot promise large-scale features will be implemented.

Clock image in icon retrieved from Webdesigner Depot: http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/

"Plus" and "X" icons in app are licensed under the GNU GPL.

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  • 1.0.2
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 9, 2016
  • FDA0F04DAFD837C9B974DFD6F9A6A2ED97F298E1
  • 573590a41847a70109db32bd3901ecc5
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10 recent comments of Event Logger APK

Mike Cantrell

I have to audit time and this app is perfect. Customisable buttons and colors and i can also add notes to the time and edit them as needed. I then can email them to myself for my records. Just great! Two suggestions for changes. 1) I like how you can pick the color but having some preset colors so you can color code the buttons would be even better. 2) When adding buttons, to be able to reorder the buttons instead of deleting and re-adding them. Again great app. Once the changes are made then 5 stars

A Google user

I sit with an elderly lady and this makes keeping up with everything so easy!! I would truly love to see this in a PC version for my laptop. This has potential for so many things! Sharing with my daughter who is a Home Health Nurse. She'll be able to document on her phone with a few taps then consult that when doing her end of shift notes.

Peter Mannell

Absolutely brilliant for quick logging of pre-set events. Adding these and configuring is SO easy! Also ability to export events to a .csv file. However, would REALLY like to be able to change date/time to UK format as it is a pain to convert in Excel. Also ability to export to a chosen location rather than root. BTW, it exports to the device root, NOT SD card root. Also would like auto - capitalization on comments field. Still, a great app.

plooble voraxis

Fantastic- Three more possible tweaks for a wider range of use; 1) For visual observation recording, it would be great to enable the option of tactile keyboard/pad shortcuts, so people don't have to take their eyes off the screen while recording- this is very important when watching fast-paced events like insect or mobile animal behaviour. 2) Also, there could be an option to switch the timestamp method of recording to event duration instead (eg instead of 12:07pm, 12:08pm, it could have the option of 0:59s, 0:01s, etc. 3) have a 'clear log' button. You will earn the undying gratitude of the scientific community. Relabel the tweaked version as another app as "animal behaviour logging" or similar, and you'll corner a much-needed market (nothing but iPhone apps are any good at the moment). Regardless, it's still fantastic. Thank you so much!

Sven Zethelius

Simple and easy once I figured out how to add buttons. Would be 5 stars except the ad provider the app it is using is pushing deceptive and misleading ads, likely for malware

Tom Perigo

no lag on my archaic LG Revolution. No widget but looked past that as it was clean simple and small. Lost me when it started to bug out. Ex: Used comment option for Event. Adding comment caused the event to be mislabeled. Commenting on Event Button # 6, caused it to be labeled with the tittle of event #2 :( This just won't do. Moving on. I'll be back after an update.

Pedro Silveira

However I am getting angry about it because every time I need to wake my phone (S3 mini) to click on a button, the first click NEVER works! But to be able to customize the actions is great!!

Deon van Zyl

I love this app. Light but potentially very usefull. Only - when I add buttons to events, the app mixes them up and places the buttons under the wrong headings. This should be simple to fix. Pleaaase!

John Jensen

One solution to not having the options button available (for creating more buttons) , like on my Samsung S7, is to turn on the "universal switch" (in accessibility /dexterity) and set it to show "more options" when it sees that I opened my mouth. That will show the add buttons menu, and you can load up on more buttons. Perhaps a bit tedious but you should only have to do it once, I think.

Mateus Amarante

Promising app. It is simple and useful for ubiquitous computing researchers. Very handful to manually log events. However, the UI is bad in my opinion. I suggest to add a "clear" button and make more intuitive "settings" session.

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