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The description EZ Voice Apk


Now you can sing along with all of your favorite songs! EZ Voice is a companion app for iRig Voice and iRig MIC that lets you practice, perform and record vocals using the music in your mobile device’s music library.

With EZ Voice, you’ll always stand out and deliver a winning performance. Just pick a song from your library and let EZ Voice do the rest — its intuitive controls make it easy to remove original vocals, tune your voice and add fun vocal effects. Then, when satisfied, you can share your favorite performances with your friends and fans. It’s the easy way to sound great and sing along with your favorite music anytime, anywhere.


Sing your heart out and record your performance with the REC interface. Import a song, hit "No Voice" to remove the original vocals and then tap the record button — now it’s your turn in the spotlight. Afterwards, check the preview and head to the FX menu.


You'll always deliver a pitch-perfect performance thanks to the FX menu. Browse the built-in effects presets to let EZ Voice polish your voice for you, or unlock individual effects to unleash your creativity.

EZ Voice lets you have fun while you perfect your tone. You can select up to 3 simultaneous audio effects from its 9 included high-quality effects: Use Tune to keep your voice in key like the pros. Add Morph to try a different gender. Apply Choir to add extra voices and harmonies. You can also add more traditional effects like Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ, Filter and Level — all derived from IK Multimedia's award-winning professional audio software. One tap adds an effect, two taps lets you edit. You can even save your favorite combinations and settings to the preset library.


Quickly manage your saved performances with the SONG menu. EZ Voice does all the organizing for you, letting you compare, evaluate and modify your previously recorded takes with ease — you can even duplicate songs to take full advantage of EZ Voice's many vocal effects. Save your work and share your performances with your friends and fans via email or SoundCloud.

EZ Voice Features:

- Sing along with any song on your mobile device’s music library or through File Sharing
- Sing with or without a backing track
- Quick and easy-to-use interface lets you sing anywhere, anytime
- No Voice button removes original vocals from imported songs letting you take the lead
- Polish your voice with 9 high-quality audio effects: Tune, Morph, Choir, EQ, Filter, Level, Chorus, Delay and Reverb (Reverb is free by registering — the other effects are available via in-app purchase)
- Comes with factory effects presets for all singing styles
- Preview, adjust and save effects combinations with ease
- Lets you share your performances with your friends via email or File Sharing
- Sing using your mobile device’s built-in mic or your earbuds’ mic
- For best performance, use the IK range of microphones, like iRig Voice, iRig Mic, iRig Mic Cast, iRig Pre

To learn more about EZ Voice and compatible accessories, please visit:


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  • 1.0.1
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 12, 2016
  • c816d45ead7bdb0ef4423625847748fb
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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 12, 2016
  • 86b4dab4ea948ce6b0ae3be6f1221912
  • - Fixes an alignment issue on sing along sessions
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10 recent comments of EZ Voice APK

Syed Haziq

Firstly add noise reduction effect . Also when I listen to my recordings it seems that if I had recorded on some phone while playing beats from other. Voice doesn't look embedded with the beats. AND voice looks cracked... Hope u work over it soon...

Ibs Sim

It would always say error music format whenever i tried to put it at vivavideo editor for my music.... tsk.. why would it turned out that way??? THIS APP WAS SO GOOD! And that's only my problem :(

Jamie Pascual

Yes it does work. But when I played my first record, it has cracking sounds that ruins everything! And yet, you still need to purchase every effects

Doc McDowell

SCAM ALERT! Utter garbage. I was a fool for paying for three of the effects only to find a registration was required to switch them. Some of us are offline users. Worse, when wifi was used to register, their form doesn't even have a bloody password input after thorough searching. This ensuring permanent lockout.

Nayan Nitnaware

Aligning problem is still there... Some bugs should be fixed... It takes too much time to import a song.. And u only get a single chance to sing on the imported song.. If u did a mistake again u need to import the song and wait for some time.. Also when u play, your recorded song and the instrumental are sometimes miss matched.. Again while importing or saving your song if u minimize the app then the importing/saving procedure stops.. The effects are good.. Overall a very good app.. I liked it..

Kim McDonald

Can't choose file format for final output. Can't control quality level of finished work. Useless until those basic features are available. Galaxy "soundcamp" doesn't seem to exist. I was looking for a paid version or add on...nothing. 5 Stars, once you actually empower flexibilty in the output. If I'm in error let me know. Also being able to choose where output is stored by default would be a nice empowerment too.

J Crafts

The app is great!! Must have if your into singing and karaoke, but question for the creator's. My songs disappear now, where do they go? And recently the app has been crashing on me every time i click the rec. Button AGAIN! !! Please help! ! Thank you. But over all it is my number 1app to have.

My-Quang Le

For now, this app can only work with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Edge with Samsung's own Professional Audio enable devices. Why doesn't it mention in any part of the long description above? Don't wast your money on this software's bundle effects and hardware if you have other android phones. is this some kind misleading advertisement?

War Farok

Paid for all items. 3 months later had to pay for same items again! The effects dont work that well & the saved recordings are bad quality plus slows the tempo of the original record. Dont waste any money on this!

John Conway

This app is useless unless you pay for each effect separately. Other than that you downloaded an app to simply record your voice which any smartphone can do anyway. Waste of time. And I'm sure the effects are just as disappointing as the initial download. But you can't tell if it's worth it cuz you don't even get to try it to see if you like it enough to pay for it.

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