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Fancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets Unlocker

The description Fancy Widgets Unlocker Apk

Personalize your Android home screen with highly customizable clock widgets, weather widgets, home (clock & weather) widgets, forecast widgets, and more with lots of customization options.

This application unlocks premium features in Fancy Widgets. Please install the Fancy Widgets (Free) application first.

After installing this app, launch Fancy Widgets settings and follow the instructions to activate the unlocker. You need to have Internet access during the activation process.

IMPORTANT: Please install Fancy Widgets first -- it is the main application. This app will not show in your app drawer and it just acts as a license key to unlock the full version features.

If you purchased Fancy Widget Pro before, you do not need to purchase this unlocker. You may request a free license key on our website to unlock the full version using your Google/Amazon order information.

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10 recent comments of Fancy Widgets Unlocker APK

A Google user

I think this is an excellent app. I went from using stock HTC to CM7, an AOSP rom, and missed my clock and weather widget. I love the wide arrange of skins available for clock and even weather. I do not use the battery widget any longer (CM7 has an option built into statusbar to show percentage) but it was great while I used it. I only had a couple of issues with some skins downloading but it seemed to be a server issue as I could download them later. Well worth the paid unlocker to support the developer (not to mention the extra skins). Keep up the good work.

A Google user

Not sure what's been going on, Accu weather has been dropping the ball, been more of a past cast instead of a forecast for weather, in appn links for weatherbug are linking out correctly for your location ask you to re enter, Was Simply the best bought it while it was on sale and have not regretted it, well worth the full price, geo location could be a little better though. Now I am having second thoughts hopefully devs will do something about these issues.

Marc M

I can only assume the developer is no longer supporting this app, as it has not seen a developer update since 2013. The main app hasn't fared much better, with its last update in early 2014. I've been using this app for the better part of a decade and have decided, with its ever decreasing reliability (app can't perform it's only function; to confirm I'm a paid user), that it's time to let this one go. So, thanks for the good times and so long.

A Google user

I have purchased all the top widget programs available. I was extremely surprised that this one is, by far, the best one I have found. It offers most of the same customization options as the other apps, but what really surprised me was the available skin options. The skins available are the best I have seen by a wide margin. The screenshots do not do it justice. If you value eye candy, save yourself the hassle and buy this now.

Patricia Vargas

since my very first smart phone. Bought the pro and it's the only one i've used since BUT now... it's not updating the time and/or weather. What happened to this wonderful app?! It used to be FLAWLESS... Wish the developers hadn't given up on this app. :( I hate the thought of using another one. :(

A Google user

I paid for this app and it's a piece of crap. I have sent them 3 emails to fix it. It won't download skins for clock or weather. Most of the time it won't even show a preview of the skins. My recommendation is don't waste your money or your time. This company has ignored my request and i was very professional about it. Not so nice now. The developers are complete idiots. I want this fixed NOW!!!!!!

Greg Conquest

Opening Fancy Widgets says the unlocker is detected and asks if I want to activate it. I say yes. It spins ans spins and never works. It used to work fine. This problem has been going on for a week or two. I've even uninstalled the unlocker twice now to no avail. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS?

cathy cerniglia

I used to love this widget.. its the only time/weather one I've had on my phones. Now suddenly the time doesn't work. The skins still load and there are plenty but the time is broken. I finally took it off my screen but haven't uninstalled in an event it might be fixed.. didn't like any of the others so I have no time or weather now.. boo, hoo.. please fix... have our smart phones outsmarted this widget?

Phil N

Doesn't work well with Galaxy S5, if you touch the widget it's supposed to pull up the forecast and there is no response to touch at all. Please fix, I've used this app on other phones and really like it. Would be 4 or 5 stars on a working phone.


This used to be a 5 star review. Pro key does not unlock anymore. I used to love this on my HTC M8 but now the unlocker does not work on Nexus 6P. Please send me a new license key as the unlocker does not work. Absolutely no answer from the developer. Not a happy bunny ?

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