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Fancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets UnlockerFancy Widgets Unlocker

The description Fancy Widgets Unlocker Apk

Personalize your Android home screen with highly customizable clock widgets, weather widgets, home (clock & weather) widgets, forecast widgets, and more with lots of customization options.

This application unlocks premium features in Fancy Widgets. Please install the Fancy Widgets (Free) application first.

After installing this app, launch Fancy Widgets settings and follow the instructions to activate the unlocker. You need to have Internet access during the activation process.

IMPORTANT: Please install Fancy Widgets first -- it is the main application. This app will not show in your app drawer and it just acts as a license key to unlock the full version features.

If you purchased Fancy Widget Pro before, you do not need to purchase this unlocker. You may request a free license key on our website to unlock the full version using your Google/Amazon order information.

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10 recent comments of Fancy Widgets Unlocker APK

Guillard Florestal

Ever since I purchased this app, it never gives me any acurate weather for any current cities. It's always up by 8 to 10 degrees F. It has at least 6 weather providers, no matter what I choose, it doesn't make any difference. I may uninstalled it and loose the money.

Coby Luzia

It was working 5 minutes ago. Then the screen timed out. When I went to use the phone again, the clock disappeared from my home screen and I can't put it back. Uninstalled and reinstalled. What happened?

Tonya Egan

Nice to find an app that Does exactly what it says. Love that it actually is highly customizable. Seems like I spend a lot of tons installing and uninstalling many many crap apps but worth the sorting to find the best like this

Gregory Russon

Was working fine until 2 days my unlock key won't activate via wifi or otherwise... I'll rate 5 stars...but the problem needs fixing on your end ??....g

Adrian Merrill

Don't bother emailing developer if you have any license issues, they'll never reply.


Continually shows an error that the unlocker cannot be activated despite my having a strong and reliable internet connection. Love the app, not a fan of the paid unlocked version, just hope I haven't wasted my money. Something is wrong and I don't think it's me.

Molly Brown

It refreshes correctly, I don't have to manually refresh it. Thanks for your work!

Ivan Todev

When traveling, shows last location till phone is manually restarted. tried all location providers. Other features are OK.

A Google User

HASN"T BEEN UPDATED IN TWO YEARS. Love the widgets and all of the skins available from the developer community. If there was one suggestion to make it would be to offer a wider variety of sizes. I would love the option of 6x1, 6x2, 3x2 sizes to give some added flexibility to my Nexus7, I'm not sure if this is a function of the app or because I haven't looked at enough skin options, but I would like the 4x2 widgets to use the full 4x2 size available. When I place icons next to a 4x2 widget, the tops and bottoms don't line up with the borders.

Brittany Stockett

I have had this app on previous phones. Now I downloaded it on this phone and I cannot see the clock and on the weather skin it shows all the information but it doesn't show the sun or the little pictures that it's supposed to show. How do I fix this?

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