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Fantasy Three KindomsFantasy Three KindomsFantasy Three KindomsFantasy Three Kindoms

The description Fantasy Three Kindoms Apk

"Fantasy Three Kingdoms" is a 3D battle flag card game with a mythical background and a mythical background. Highly restored the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period, the image Q is handsome and handsome. Hand games include training, development, equipment enhancement, platooning, beasts, arenas, alliance battles, big escapes, national wars and many other games.
In the game, the player can choose a master, draw the military commander, arrange the troops, and enhance their own strength through the story story copy, etc., and the same player PK, eventually grow into the world leader! What are you waiting for? Come to "Fantasy Three Kingdoms" to dominate the world!
[Feature 1]
Orthodox three countries, changeable gameplay!
It has the training of military commanders, equipment upgrades, adoption of sacred beasts, gemstone systems, and unique unique spiriting systems and martial arts systems for mobile players.
[Feature 2]
Q version card, cool value!
A team of well-known artists has created a team of more than 300 cards! Every three national characters are cool teenagers, beautiful girls and handsome uncles.
[Feature 3]
Skills are rich, special effects burst!
The main public has their own different skills, each of the main players will be more capable, special effects fried screen!
[Feature 4]
3D cards, elaborate!
Resolutely reject the poker look! The Q version of the 3D characters owned by "Dream Three Kingdoms" is exquisite and unusual, and the image is ready to come out!
[Feature 5]
There are so many benefits, not to worry about it!
The new game has 8 good gifts and escorts! On the 7th, the S-class will be yours, and Kong Mingxi and Lu Mengma will report directly!
[Feature 6]
Arranging troops, winning a thousand miles!
Reach the level to unlock a variety of arrays, to help you in the three countries to strategize and win thousands of miles.
[Feature 7]
War gameplay, dominate the world!
The new league resident gameplay is on the line, gathering the world's youngsters, expedition to the Three Kingdoms map! Card country war, alliance siege, survival escape...

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  • 1.0.4
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • November 1, 2019
  • A4777982ECD749B5569BDDC0922EB6191D7F1627
  • 5d3cc23be39fbd274a5e02f86cd92c90
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