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7541815 votes, 4.5/ 5
  • Games, Casual
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  • 5.20.5
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
  • King
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Farm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes SagaFarm Heroes Saga

The description Farm Heroes Saga Apk

Farm Heroes Saga, from the makers of Candy Crush Soda Saga & Bubble Witch 2 Saga! 

Rancid the Racoon is trying to spoil the precious Farm Lands, stealing as many Cropsies as he can along the way. Will you join forces with the Farm Heroes and help to collect the Cropsies and save the day? Play through hundreds of levels of switching and matching farming fun to find out!
Take on this fantastic Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 

Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service;

Farm Heroes Saga features: 
● Collect all kinds of Cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves
● Play levels and win magic beans to help you activate Farm Club
● Rechargable boosters, special power ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels
● Easy to play but challenging to master
● Acres of luscious levels to complete - more added every 2 weeks!
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!
● Easily sync the game between devices and unlock full game features when connected to the Internet

Visit or contact us in game by going to Settings > Customer Care if you need help!

Follow us to get news and updates:
Twitter @FarmHeroesSaga

Have fun playing Farm Heroes Saga!

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  • 5.20.5
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • June 12, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • ca9dfc2da8acc0b5d56361b09a3c1de0
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  • 5.19.5
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • May 24, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 802b2a9519c59c35d3567b1c531cb711
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  • 5.18.5
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • May 14, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 7352ea82a2f3b4c051ef8639a300f442
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  • 5.17.4
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • April 17, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 3dc960973f50f3768c6f89587af00554
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  • 5.16.12
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • April 15, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • e4ae656025c5d8e4e7b13e2871992ea6
  • View Permissions
  • 5.16.11
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • April 9, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • e890e8c37812eeba714e80c3d82b73cc
  • View Permissions
  • 5.15.9
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 22, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 23d138f23eae53527a64a59ead41356c
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  • 5.15.8
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 14, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 9872bdd012447e0d90a62ebb372a9eba
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  • 5.14.10
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • March 6, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • 567666567e451c99ed4952c7447ac1e0
  • View Permissions
  • 5.13.8
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • February 22, 2019
  • 9E93B3336C767C3ABA6FCC4DEADA9F179EE4A05B
  • cebd99bc0f5c866bf0bbffed304f9b26
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10 recent comments of Farm Heroes Saga APK

Trista Wilson

The offer stated u will at least get 2 hours of unlimited lives with EVERY purchase. ..hmmmm NO UNLIMITED LIVES!!!! Also not getting awarded beans and lives recharged as I complete the save the carrots

Lenora Moore

This level is unbeatable, I watched demo, the actual game NEVER works like demo, u can't get the goats if you get one Thts about it been playing for weeks now, it's impossible, and once again u never ever receive lives and as I look at reviews I'm not the only one, what is going on with this developers, no lives has bn going on after a month of gaming coming out, fix level 820 ,to work like demo, it's pitiful how y'all are developing these horrible games and never fix problems, whts purpose of update

Ana Macic

Great game, but some levels are very hard, so you have to spend money.

addie wallis

I like this Game alot, but I had 4600 Beans and 1500 just disappeared without reason; I know King did it to make me spend money! VERY DISHONEST! When you ask friends for lives you don't receive them, BECAUSE KING isnt going to allow you to receive free lives, they need you to buy gold, & buy lives! They know thats what they want, so Y option getting lives from friends? BECAUSE KING IS DISHONEST!!

Bobbi Petersen

Has been extra its crashing..lost my level 137 started over at 1 and its still crashing...please fix!!!!

Cheryl Ayers

Seriously thinking about deleting can't even finish a board without out it kicking me out and taking my beans and using my specials really liked this game to ?

richard hough

I like the game but I'm a little stuck on the level I have reached today I completed that level had 3 moves left and a 3 star score then the app crashed and I had to close it after several mins of trying to get it to work which lost my progress but still took the boosts I'd used fix the bugs

Colleen Giles

Love the game. The thing I think sucks big time is when you hit a road block you have to wait almost 4 days to play again or pay with your gold or hope your friends help you out. Sooooo frustrating. The other thing is we get all the beans and other then using them to beat the raccoon I have no idea what to do with them. Other then that this game is great I would give it 5 stars but have to wait way to long at road blocks.

Karen M

It is a fun game to play at. I've played till my lives expire and wait impatiently till they renew ir get from friends. Really love i can use companions on my phone.

Gerri Shively

Where's my free life from my Facebook friends? ??

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