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Fidelity Mobile BankingFidelity Mobile BankingFidelity Mobile BankingFidelity Mobile Banking

The description Fidelity Mobile Banking Apk

Manage your money with our convenient, safe and easy to use mobile app from Fidelity Bank Ghana Ltd. The app allows you easy access to all your accounts at Fidelity Bank Ghana while enabling you to make secure transactions and payments. The self-registration feature allows you to get access without visiting our branches.

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  • 7.4
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • February 18, 2020
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • d019fb5d66150a6d5461327cf6eed208
  • UI Enhancements and bug fixes
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  • 7.3
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • December 13, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 6d2b99b342bf38df90c963d8f3d9c225
  • UI enhancements, Performance improvements and bug fixes.
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  • 7.2
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • December 2, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • bd04c6e48c995cd1cd5612707971dd38
  • • Performance Tuning & bug fixes.
    • A new UI/UX look & feel.
    • You can now confirm the name of the recipient of MoMo transfers.
    • You now have the option to request for your official statements via the Fidelity Mobile App.
    • You can now make your Fidelity Securities Investments payments via the Fidelity Mobile App.
    • You can now subscribe/unsubscribe to the SMS/E-mail alert on the Fidelity Mobile App.
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  • 6.1
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • August 22, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 15821585c844e313eb4787340090cd1b
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  • 5.8
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • March 9, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 25e610fb32fc44a4ad5dcfa02d24cf5c
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  • 5.7
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • March 8, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 4c5139a4941c5387f9d81dd0f6f25bec
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  • 5.3
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 13, 2019
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 4c9a164ee6f251075374cc59ab2bb2b6
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  • 5.1
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • November 22, 2018
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • e08db8520bf8700cdd7e65bf81cd5d9c
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  • 4.0
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • August 30, 2018
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • 601b1bc9c0546fbc697ec2f6fe4b92a5
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  • 3.5
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • May 22, 2018
  • 0486FC4CC24DFF4BCDBF7CF518E620AE5674FD52
  • ded53f77d5fb89e8597e7846d3c9126f
  • - Bug Fixes
    - Performance tuning
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10 recent comments of Fidelity Mobile Banking APK

It has made banking simple


Nana Yaa Amanimaa

I hv never been able to use its app...can't go past entering my account details. It says my account doesn't exist. Life was simpler when we could do mobile banking without an app. Let's just say the easiest I can now do is use my atm card. Kinda sucks

Rejoice Anagi

I haven't been able to use this app after downloading. Its always telling me my account doesn't exist. I have uninstall and downloaded several times but it keeps telling me the same thing. I was contacted by ur customer service and I have followed the instructions they gave me to be able to activate the app but its still not going through.

Portia Sarpong

A colleague at work told me about fidelity so I Had an account today and was told I could manage it with this App. I felt soo much excited due to the fact that I can have my bank tight at my fingertip. Been trying to get on board for like 3 hours and I keep getting the error feedback of a country not found. I mean how is that possible. Very disappointed

Palo Willie

Wow it works perfectly. I only had problem the first sign up but after uninstall and install, I can access, transfer and do all my transactions with immediate update of my transaction and accounts. Keep improving it for better services.

Akua Antwi

The app is good for me in terms tracking my finances (balance), however, I've noted some deductions in my balance ( savings accounts) of which I wasn't notified through the SMS as the normal practice and wanted to know the details of the cause but I'm unable to check it and this isn't going on well with me. So I think Fidelity bank should look at that transaction aspect to bring transparency in the accounts operation. Kindly help me to know what caused those deductions

Laurel Smith

Some functions like transferring money to a different bank not working. And a few other bugs


The app is soo good but it will be great if you can make a template where you stop ⛔ a transaction from account to mobile ? money ? if you change your mind or you did transaction to a wrong number like in my case. Hope you can improve this app with my feedback comment.

Naa Ayeley

This is the best banking app ever in Ghana. The best part for me is The ACH payment where you can transfer from fidelity to other banks. It is the greatest and most easiest way to transact without going to the bank. You can track your accounts and see your money growth. It is really amazing and I'm glad I joined fidelity

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