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Finger Gesture LauncherFinger Gesture LauncherFinger Gesture LauncherFinger Gesture LauncherFinger Gesture Launcher

The description Finger Gesture Launcher Apk

Finger Gesture Launcher is a very useful app if you usually use several applications at once, such as chatting with someone while surfing the internet or having a conversation on Facebook while writing with someone else on Whatsapp.

Forget access the app drawer to navigate between your applications. Accelerate and streamline the use of your Smartphone, while still interacting with the rest of your applications. Finger brings shortcuts that allow jumping from one app to another by simply tracing a gesture with a finger on the screen.


• Launch apps
• Launch shortcuts
• Launch Whatsapp conversations
• Make calls
• Open websites in your browser
• Change system settings
• Simulate home, back and menu buttons
• Lock screen
• Root options

All this by simply drawing a gesture on the screen with your finger.

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“This app uses the Device Administrator permission.”

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  • 5.3.8
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 2ee574201f15bafbf41ac9aad2c1c19b
  • * Fixes battery draining that appeared on some devices
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  • 5.3.5
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 1E083B5DF2E5A3137563EDD55E7EB3787DD64242
  • 42ad04464547096d72fe2a07b658a2bb
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10 recent comments of Finger Gesture Launcher APK

Asaduzzaman Daria

I think this app is better than other app. It works in many system setting. but cannot work 3g Data on/off. Please solve it.

Tamjith Rahman

It just work for a week. Then it is just worst. Doesn't work correctly at all.

Ansh Dharaskar

It is a good app. The concept is good. But it works in the beginning but then it keeps on crashing. I am a samsung galaxy j 7 user. A fast phone not a slow one. So please do something so that i could give it a five star rating. Thank you.

Evan Prj

Great app, does what it says. When I enable the lock screen and I get a call from someone, the screen keeps blinking. Please fix that :-) and music player on the lock screen would be awesome. Thank you for the app :-) oh and another thing is that the screen unlocks even though I input some other gesture that I have saved, other than unlock screen gesture.

Nikka M

Only negative thing I can say is that I want to add so many gestures I can't remember them all! I think the only thing it needs is an invisible trigger for the app, or the ability to swipe from the screen edges to launch the gesture pad. I am using the notification feature to launch, but would be better if it could be launched in a more subtle way.

M Zim

Plays hidden audio randomly in the background!? Had to kill it with services :( randomly ~once a day or more started to play loud audio. It was in the background finally went into my running apps services and killed an extra finger gesture service running. Instantly turned off the audio ad. Unacceptable! You're downloading things in the background to? Wtf. In under a week almost a quarter of a Gb!!! What are you downloading onto my phone!? Audio?! More than Netflix. No way to stop it!! Control your app asap

Levivus V

It's a really good app and I'd recommend it but I have a few ideas to make it better. If there were more ways to open the finger guesture place like shaking your phone, or moving it in some way it would be 5 stars!

Val Ryan

This is supposed to free thew app of the night with no ads I have downloaded it twice and I still have adds. UPDATE I contacted the developer and they gave me a code , thank you very much for your help and quick reply☺

Mostak Hossain

So Great ! I like this app very much. It is so easy to use and working instantly with the gestures. But there is a problem, When i am re starting my phone all the gestures are erasing automatically. Then i have to pull data from google drive again. Why all gestures are erasing automatically? Mob- Samsung Galaxy J2 (2015)(SM-J200G)

Scott Beam

Let me just say that I have downloaded this app twice and soon will be for a third time. This app is cool, stylish, and works for a couple days maybe week or two. But then it's starts to hardly understand. When I wrote the word 'you' programmed for YouTube it went to Facebook. Then when I would your 'FB' for Facebook it would go to YouTube. I really like the app but this keeps happening. Please fix this. Also starts to lag after awhile.

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