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Version 1.0.3
Size 1.67 MB (1,749,241 bytes)
Developer CWE Software LLC
Category Apps, Tools
Package Name com.cwesoftware.fishpredict
OS 2.2 and up

FishPredict Angler Log APPLICATION description

FishPredict Angler Log is the most detailed and powerful fishing log available. Record meticulous details for every fish you catch, and leverage that data to predict what the fish will be biting on the next time you hit the water!

Log information regarding the current conditions including date, time, air and water temperatures, sun, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, moon phase, and water clarity. If you have a network connection, weather information can be automatically retrieved from the nearest weather station.

Keep specific details about the location that your catch occurs, including position, water depth, structure, and cover. Position can be automatically determined using your devices GPS receiver, if it is equipped with one.

Track what the fish bit by recording the lure, lure color, lure size, lure weight, lure depth, and presentation.

FishPredict allows you to save the fish length, fish weight, species, a picture, and notes specific to that catch. Easily share the details of the lunker you just hooked with friends and family over your favorite social media application.

Leverage all of the data that you record from your catches to predict what the fish behavior will be. FishPredict uses powerful algorithms to determine what fish behavior will be based on your previous success and the current conditions you are fishing in. The results will show you what lures you should use, in what colors, where you should fish the lure, and how you should present it. View your catches on Google Maps to visualize catch locations.

The Tackle Box section allows you to easily and conveniently manage the lures in the application. It's simple to match the lures that are in your real tackle box! FishPredict comes pre-loaded with generic lure categories and lures. It is trivial to customize the tackle box to add all of your favorite lures to the application!

Specifically designed for the serious Bass Fisherman! Comes preset with Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and Spotted Bass as the choosable species, but other species can be added as well.
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