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The description FiveWallpapers Apk

Very simple tool to get different wallpaper for each home screen. Camera photos or any pictures of any size. Just select pictures or a folder.

*** This app cannot change the number of your home screens!! It's a live wallpaper ***

how to use:
HOME SCREEN->MENU (or LONG TAP)->'Wallpaper'->'Live Wallpapers'
or try googling how to do this for your device

Try 'compatibility mode' if your launcher (TouchWiz for example) does not support scrolling.

This app doesn't drain battery and works with as many screens as you have (you can set this number manually if it cannot be obtained automatically).

You can:

● adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and even white balance

● crop, scale and rotate

● choose transition effect

● or set up just one picture for all your screens (turn on compatibility mode and select '1' for 'Number of desktops')

● double-tap home screen to change wallpaper

● or shake your phone to change wallpaper <- actually this may affect battery life, uses accelerometer

● or it can be done automatically (just choose time interval)

● turn on '3D effect' (also known as parallax or panoramic) <- also may affect battery, requires gyroscope

If you wish you can buy a "donate" version which is almost the same but without commercials and it also has an ability to choose solid colors as wallpapers.Thank you!

Any comments or suggestions are really appreciated
...and if it doesn't work for you PLEASE email me and be more specific :)
[email protected]

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  • 1.76
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 133696ce81fb9e50cd27d1c3e4ea3d2a
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10 recent comments of FiveWallpapers APK

Jimmy Crackorn

So glad to finally have one that works and is currently supported. It reads swipes from recent apps and takes a few tries to resync with the desktop. More transitions and settings are needed, like individual settings per screen so that each wallpaper is totally perfect. MultiPicture Live Wallpaper has this but is no longer supported, and doesn't work on Lollipop. Consider these additions and fixes. Update? No? Nothing since August. Willing to purchase.

Dave D.

This is a great app and works well except for one minor issue. It needs to have an infinite scrolling option, that is not tied to the compatibility mode option. When you loop around after your last desktop, your desktop continues in the direction you scrolled (infinite scrolling) but the wallpaper cycles back through all the other wall papers. The app could use more transition effects too. Otherwise wonderful app, I use it on all my android devices to keep my wallpapers fresh.

Pete Ferling

Working on Moto Z2 Force. Sort of. I have organized five screens or desktops: Home, Photo, Play, Audio, and office apps. Having the means to create a custom background to label each was nice. However, it's quirky in that the background can scroll independently of the apps, (if you flick the very center of the screen). In addition, if you've assigned a home button, it will not update the order of the maps. Therefore, I made it habit to just change screen by flicking along the bottom. As this may be abondonware, I'll keep looking.

Wayne Black

So far it's working great on my Nexus 6P. I have 4 different wallpapers, one for each of 4 screens. A little tip. If you have a live wallpaper you like, take a screenshot of it. Then open the screenshot in Photos and do your editing there. You'll have to crop out and eliminate the drawer at the bottom. Save and delete the original. It won't be a live wallpaper anymore, but can be used as a still wallpaper. If it's still working in a week, I'll donate.


After updating my phone to the latest samsung firmware, my favourite feature of the app atopped working. The app still allows me to have multiple screens, but it no longer seems to recognise the gyroscope at all. Shake to switch doesnt do anything, and previously I had it so it transitioned on tilting. Now I have to run it with compatibility mode on to get any background stitching at all.

Lisa Berry-Ashpole

I love that I can have different wallpapers, but wish there was a way to lock their order in place. Everytime I press the home button it resets whichever wallpaper is showing as the wallpaper of the home screen and changes the order of the wallpapers. Am I missing something in the settings?

A Google user

So dissapointed LG did away with the multi-wallpaper option. But it's OK now, cause THIS app works better with more options anyhow. I have a G5 & have 7 screens. I'm using the transparency 1 mode. It works amazing and flawlessly. Great Job !

A Google user

Just downloaded and liking most of the app so far. It is simple but wish it had a little help section. I do not understand what feature the set function is trying to provided. I can select a second set of pictures but the app doesn't seem to transition between the different sets.

Martin Musgrave

For the most part, this app works on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Quite frequently, the photo sets I have allocated to each "page" do get out of alignment. It is easily corrected though by flipping to the last "page" and then continuing to flip until the photos realign correctly. I look forward to this app being perfected as it is the only one of its type that I have found to work on the SG S5.

Mike O'Connor

The app works much easier than others I've tried. Havnt encountered any issues. Only wish us that I could adjust each photos position in the background, did I miss that feature? If not then it needs to be added.

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