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Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!Flick Golf!

The description Flick Golf! Apk

Play the most addictive golf game! No.1 Sports Game in over 100 Countries. "Impossible to put down" - EUROGAMER

No clubs. No rules. Flick, spin and curve your shots to sink the perfect hole-in-one.

Watch out for hazards! Bunkers, trees, sand and wind will all challenge your skills as you drive for the high score.

Flick Golf is just the most fun you'll have on the fairway, but practice makes perfect! The question is, can you master it?

• The best ball control from tee to hole
• Innovative spin-and-curve aftertouch
• Stunning golf course environments
• Challenging weather conditions
• Leaderboards and achievements


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10 recent comments of Flick Golf! APK

A Google user

Fun and addictive, unlock levels as you go. Can't go far wrong for the price. Great 3D graphics and sound. Good android finger workout as you try to 'spin' the ball in mid-flight to get it closer to the hole. Curves and backspins gain you bonus points so it is a challenge to keep you trying for a very long time. I have not played all the holes, but from what I have finished is very well done. Great update and thank you for enhanced graphics!

A Google user

Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile with Lollipop. A simple but generally enjoyable golf game. It does give you a pop up ad every so often despite paying for it though.

Cristian CJ

Finally you fixed the continues force closes(4 years or more with that errors) ? +1 for new Play Games support. Improved rate to 5 stars again.

PJ Kneessi

A nice little time-waster, runs fine on my Android minitablet. Been without an Android device for about two years. This is one of the things I've missed.

Jake Marshall

Just wish their was some form of career mode even against a computer with a leaderboard and career with tournaments for each location. A season...anything really as its too basic and nothing much to do. Doesnt have to be multiplayer just anything really. Cud make flick golf into a proper 18 hole game hitting fairways eyc as a normal golf game wud be great

A Google user

Great game. I have been watching this, wondering whether to get it or not. Don't know why I bothered waiting. Well worth the small price I say

A Google user

Fullfat had finally fixed the game. It works flawlessly now. Please fix the rest of the games in the series! Thanks

Marcus Ardrey

Been playing this on and off for almost 3 years. It's only gotten better. No, it's not Tiger Woods Golf on a console but it kills time really well and the graphics are dope. Enjoy!

Rance Walleston

But i dont want to have to sign in and share my contacts. Very bad approach to gaming.

Andy's Adventures

Perspective is out. Makes it dumb. And you think the graphics a good until you realise that it's mainly just a big png in the background.

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