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Flight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D FreeFlight Alert Simulator 3D Free

The description Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free Apk

The BEST Landing flight simulator game for Android
From the creators of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, the best flight simulator of 2016! Now, be the pilot HERO that will save all the passengers: land your airplane safely despite the dangerous conditions!

+ Immersive scenarios: bad weather, aircraft failures and extreme conditions.
+ Fun and challenging missions
+ Beautiful scenarios with incredible graphics.
+ Many realistic planes: try planes like the Boeing 747 or Airbus 320
+ Simple but realistic controls

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  • 1.0.4
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • March 31, 2016
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10 recent comments of Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free APK

David W. Dickason

I have downloaded all most 40 of the sims so far have played most of them. This is number 4 so far, graphics , 10 outstanding, 9 flying very nice little more to each mission would make this top notch '7 pretty good. Watch for my other comments if you agree with my comments, I am going to test them all to find the best

Josh Gurian

Great graphics and very addicting, however, only 3 levels/airports? Either I am missing something or this game needs an update. Why anyone would spend money on in app purchases when it takes no time at all to compete the game is beyond me.

John Finity

You know, I really wish they just showed more advertising. Just not enough. You only get to see one advertisement every time you fly. Sure, to earn more gold you can watch a flurry of repetitive videos. Why can't you be bombarded more??

Farooque Arshad

After trying so many airplane games this is only one I liked, very good graphics. Before landing you are in a sequence of runway so we can land easily. Little things should be included more we are just landing airplane but we also takeoff. Flying should be lengthy, missions should be city to city and country to country.


Now now, first things first. This is a very compact game compared to the other ones. Extreme landings is a little better but then again, storage space. EL also crashes a lot. My fave thing bout this is no ads. Ps. Add more airports, better graphics, real locations, realistic crashes, etc. 4 out of 5!

Pahul Vlogs

I know everyone is talking about the only 3 levels. THIS IS VERY UNREALISTIC. When you are landing your nose is at 0 degrees of attitude. It only goes above 0 degrees when flaring. I tried to lower the speed to match 0 degrees but you still have to keep the nose up.

Todd Paulsen

This is a fun little arcade-style sim. Most levels are too easy so I suggest holding off on upgrades as long as possible for added challenge. As a pilot I need to say that the approach angles and suggested flight path are completely unrealistic. It is a great game if you understand it is an arcade game and not a true flight sim.

A Google user

This game is alright but when it said My landing Gear Was Jammed and on fire it still let me use it If you took it out and it was on fire it would Blow up the PPLLAANNEE!! Besides That This is a great Game with the Graphics

Riaz Khan

I appriciate you guys but its a very limited game with only 3 missions. Further its very easy to play. I really enjoyed it. Plz add some more mission and try to make it little bit more complicated. Add some more plains and air ports. Make the missions more lenthy. Hoping for next update.

Erick Wibisono

It's easy to play and the planes only 3. To upgrade the plane is not expensive. It's cheap.One day after install this game, I have finishing all levels, I have buy all planes.I have upgaded all planes until max. But, you will be carreful at special mission 1 at tier 2 . The plane sometimes go up by itself. Julia selamat complained about that and there is the solution.To avoid that, make the plane too close with another plane. And, make touchdown QUICKLY.Fantastic game.But, there is one I feel bad, the notification say your energy is full, but when I go to the game, the energy is still 2, not FULL

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