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Version 1.4
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Developer Suresh Desu
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OS 2.1 and up

Framing & Roofing Calculators APPLICATION description

** 9 different Framing & Roofing calculators in one app **


How is your roof? Does it need replacement? You are not sure, if you need OSB sheets or trusses or rafters or all of them? What about Insulation?

You do not know how many of them do you need? You want to build or replace your own roof? You just need some help in doing this challenging project?

You want to calculate how much it will cost for the materials? What about framing, you want to hang wall studs in the unfinished areas of your house?

The tool calculates the OSB and sheathing materials for the roof, it also calculates trusses, rafter & Shingles requirements for your roof. As a bonus, you can also calculate the wall studs for your framing needs. Now, this app will also calculate the Insulation area for a given room.

Not only can this tool calculate all the above, but it also allows you to save this information and email the saved information to any body you want, add notes and also set up events in your calendar.

This may be the best tool in the market for Roofing and framing calculators. The calculator also allows you tolerance values.

Features of the app:


✔✔ STUDS/FRAMING Calculator


✔✔ ROOFING Calculator

✔✔ TRUSSES Calculator

✔✔ RAFTER Calculator

✔✔ SHiNGLES Calculator

✔✔ CONVERSION Calculator


✔✔ ADD NOTES Feature

✔✔ Email all the saved calculations.

✔✔ Add Events to calendar through notes feature.




- Email any of the saved calculators, as many times as you want
- All calculators have price features including labor hours.
- Set up Tolerance (from 1 to 100) value globally for all calculators
- Total Summary option to add project costs across multiple calculations.
- Save unlimited Projects for each of the calculators.
- Elaborate help screen
- Configuration screen to configure default labor rates for different calculators
- Associate a name with each Project
- Saved projects list calculated values, location, price, material price, total cost and pictures


✔ CONFIGURE: Key in default labor rates, tolerance values.

✔ PROJECTS: This screen lists all the saved projects with the latest one displayed first.

✔ STUD/FRAMING: Calculated the number of studs 8 ' x 2' required for given dimensions. Choose either 16' on center or 2 on center. Calculate & save.

✔ SHEATHING (OSB): Calculate the Sheathing (OSB) sheets required for given dimensions. Calculate & save.

✔ ROOFING: Calculate the number of roofing squares needed for your roof. Simply key in the length, width and touch calculate to get the squares required. Calculate & save.

✔ TRUSSES: Calculate the trusses needed for roofing. Calculate & save.

✔ RAFTERS: Calculate the rafters needed for roofing. Calculate & save.

✔ SHINGLES: Calculate the shingles along with rolls of roll roofing needed for roofing. Calculate & save.

✔ INSULATION: Calculate the insulation area for a given room. Specify windows, doors and get the area for blown or insulation rolls. Calculate & save.

✔ ADD NOTES: Add notes for any of the calculators. Retrieve at your convenience.

✔ CONVERSION: Convert between 7 different types and convert to one another. Convert cm into inches, ft into meter, etc.

✔ EMAIL: Email any of the saved quotes.

✔ TOTAL SUMMARY: This option is available on all the calculators. Use this option to add project costs from one calculator to another.

✔ ADD EVENTS: This feature is available through the Add notes feature. Transform any of your notes into a calendar event.
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