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Version 4.0.11
Size 15.38 MB (16,123,051 bytes)
Developer Gamban
Category Apps, Tools
Package Name com.gamban.beanstalkhps.gambanapp
OS 6.0

Block Online Gambling - Gamban APPLICATION description

Download and install Gamban - block access to online gambling on your phone
New Gamban Update Available.

Block thousands of global gambling websites and apps.

Try Gamban FREE for 7 days.


Gamban Update

We're thrilled to introduce the latest Gamban app update.

New Look
Upgraded Dashboard
Money and Time Tracker
Multi-layered Self-exclusion


Gamban is the single most powerful and cost-effective online gambling blocking app, offering full, unlimited protection across all of your devices for only £24.99 per year or £2.49 per month.

Gamban is a user-friendly, transparent and non-intrusive piece of software that can be downloaded on an Android, iOS, Windows and macOS device, blocking users from thousands of worldwide online gambling websites and apps.

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About Gamban:
Used by thousands of people worldwide, Gamban has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback, with some users informing the team that it has literally saved lives. Taking the first step continues to be the hardest challenge and much of our time goes into making Gamban as simple and straightforward to install as possible.

In 2018 GambleAware commissioned independent research to evaluate the effectiveness of blocking software and to compare existing products. Gamban emerged as the most effective and, as a result, Gamban has been provided free of charge through all Gamcare support networks in the U.K.


Easy Installation:
Easy, quick installation and complete protection across all of your devices, whether you are installing Gamban to protect yourself, your employees or a family member from gambling-related harm.

Gambling Blocking:
Simply and effectively block yourself from thousands of online gambling sites and apps worldwide, including:
- Casinos
- Slots
- Sports Betting
- Poker
- Spread Betting
- Trading Platforms
- Crypto
- Skins
- Esports

Helpful Resources:
You'll gain access to your very own user dashboard with access to useful resources to help you on your road to recovery.

We also offer full technical support, including an extensive library of useful articles, F.A.Q.s and video guides, as well as live chat with our experts.

If you need any support, please don't hesitate to visit our support centre, or contact us at [email protected].



How many devices can I install Gamban on?
You can install Gamban on all of your personal devices, subject to our terms of fair use.

Will I be able to remove Gamban from my device if I change my mind?
No, Gamban is designed to protect people who have gambling addictions, meaning they are likely to change their mind after installation.

Can I use Gamban on my work device?
While you can install it on your work device we don't recommend you do, since you might experience issues accessing work-related resources. If you really need to use Gamban on your work device, we recommend asking your company's IT department to review it and install it for you.

Why does gamban use a VPN?
Gamban uses a local VPN to re-configure your device's network settings in order to block gambling websites and apps. Your internet traffic does not go through this VPN, so it will not affect your geographic location or download speeds. You will not be able to use third-party VPN while Gamban is actively protecting your device.

Why does Gamban use an Accessibility Service?
Gamban uses an Accessibility Service in order to be able to automatically detect gambling content on your screen and prevent you from accessing it, as well as making it difficult to bypass your protection during your self-exclusion period. Gamban does not collect or transmit any behavioral or personal data.

Why does Gamban use the Device Administrator permission?
Gamban uses the Device Administrator permission in order to make it difficult to bypass and uninstall while your protection is active.
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