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The description GBWMassap Full Version GBWa Apk

GBWMassap Latest Version for Android: GBWa is ruling like the King in the world of WMassap.
This mod is developed by lumen and he extremely did an excellent job.
Latest (GBWa) comes up with all the useful features every whatsapp user want. Descargar GBWsapp for Android is beating all other mods like GBWsapp. After a very short interval, GBsapp is getting updates which is a great thing. It has three packages.
GBu can install all of 3 packages on identical device and revel in triple whatsapp on identical device.
? Through this article, GBu can download GBWsapp official (GBwa) latest for GBur smartphone. ?
GBWA Latest Version/GBWMassap Features
We have solely shared the foremost fashionable options in on top of section now we tend to square measure progressing to list out all the options of GB WMassap.
It has a awfully giant assortment of options that square measure darling by all of its users.

Select the wallpaper for home screen background.

Font Styles – Choose from various styles. (30+)

App Language – Arabic, English, Espanyol, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, German, Turkish, Indonesian, Marathi, Bahasa Malaysia, Azerbaijani and Russian.

Send Image up to 18 MB

Share more than 10 images in a single tap.

Send up to 700 MB video file.

Set 5 Minutes Status – Only mod users can see this.
Enable/Disable Proximity Sensor

Enable/Disable output switching while playing audio.

Home Screen Configurations.

Default Blue (Get obviate WMassap default inexperienced UI).

Enable Lock for the Delta GbWhatsapp.

Backup and Restore while updating to new version.

Backup and restore themes.

Who can Call me?

YoThemes – All Compatible (Tested by me)
Hide Media From Gallery.

DND – Do Not Disturb (Top of the Home UI)
All privacy Options added including Anti Delete Messages and Anti Delete Statuses/Stories to GBsapp.

Even GBu will be also going to fall in love with it after reading this features list. ? Have a look at it:
* modification uninformed Message Counter Background in Chat Tab

* modification uninformed Message Counter colour in Chat Tab

* Preview Lock Wallpaper After Choosing
* Oneplus Font (Slate) Added
* Share 100 Images on WMassap at Once
* Extra Attachments Button in GBWa Entry (Documents, etc.)
* Set Background Image for Background
* GBur Picture in Conversation Outside & Inside
* decision Blocker accessorial (Select UN agency will decision Me)

* White Navigation Bar Support for Android’s running on eight.0+ Version

* Save Themes Automatically
* 7 New Icons Added
- All GBWsapp Features
* Hide Call Icon from Conversation Screen
* Hide Profile Picture from Conversation Screen
* Set GBur Name on Main Screen
* Materialized Icons
* Default Blue (Get obviate WMassap default inexperienced UI)

* Copy AnGBne’s Status
* Image/Video Preview without Downloading
* Share HQ Images
* Long Press Camera Button to Send HD pictures

Got shocked? Maybe Yes!
Why not, as a result of this list is basically terribly massive and there's no different whatsapp Mod will offer these all options.
Well, GB WMassap contains so many more features which I had forgot to share so you can explore all of them after trying it on your own device.
If you have got with success planned to put in GB WMassap Apk for robot, then scroll transfer and examine steps to put in it on your smartphone.
If GBu are an Android Games.

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