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The description Geometry Pad Apk

Geometry Pad is a dynamic geometry application for Android tablets with universal appeal. Teachers can use it in a geometry class for better students engagement and deeper understanding of geometric concepts. Students would benefit from using Geometry Pad while working on geometry assignments at home as well. Easily create complex geometric sketches, measure everything you have in your document, experiment with shapes and transformations.

Use following tools to sketch your geometry constructions (*):
- Move and scale. Scroll the workbook by your finger. Pinch and zoom the content of your workbook. Move and modify geometric shapes.
- Compass to create arcs.
- Point. Plot a point on the workbook. Customize point name and color.
- Line. Create a line. Customize line style, color and start/end points. Calculate line length (distance between points).
- Midpoint for lines. Show/hide midpoint for lines and polygon sides. Snap to midpoints.
- Parallel, perpendicular and tangent lines. The lines can be created as easily as regular lines. Just create and move the line until it automatically snaps to parallel, perpendicular or tangent.
- Angle. Create an angle with up to 1 degree precision. Customize angle line style and color.
- Triangle. Create a triangle of one of the predefined types: regular, right triangle, isosceles, equilateral. Customize sides style and color. Calculate triangle perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the triangle and length of its sides.
- Triangle lines. Create altitude, bisector and median lines in a triangle. Calculate length of triangle lines. Customize lines style and color.
- Quadrilateral. Create a quadrilateral of one of the predefined types: regular, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus. Customize sides style and color. Calculate quadrilateral perimeter and area. Calculate inner angles of the quadrilateral and length of its sides.
- Circle. Create a circle. Calculate circle perimeter and area. Easily create circles inscribed into a triangle by placing circle's center close enough to the incenter of a triangle.
- Circle radius and chord. Create radius and chord lines for a circle. Customize lines style and color. Calculate the length of the lines.
- Polygons and regular polygons.
- Arcs and circular sectors.
- Ellipses.
- Text annotations. Create floating and pinned single and multiple lines text annotations. Customize text/background color and transparency.
- Measurements tool. Measure shape properties in single touch. Measure intersection points (line & line, line & circle). Use multitouch to measure distance between points and angle between lines.
- Transformation tools: rotation, reflection, enlargement and translation.
- Manual input of coordinates, lengths and angles. Use manual input to precisely locate points, setup custom length for a line or a polygon side, and change angle value.
- Built-in calculator: basic arithmetic functions, square root, sin, cos, tan.

Manage multiple documents with your geometric sketches at the same time using Save and Load features. In addition, you can share documents through e-mail or Dropbox.

Some of the tasks you can solve with Geometry Pad:
- Create geometric shapes and measure all its possible metrics like length, angle, area, perimeter, intersections, distance between points, angles between lines.
- Move/resize geometric shapes and watch how its metrics are changing in real time.
- Demonstrate circle theorems by creating and changing inscribed and center angles.
- Demonstrate theorems about incircles and excircles locations.
- Create and annotate complex geometric figures. Share them through export to image and e-mail features.

* Geometry Pad is a commercial product and some of its features are unavailable in the free version. A paid in-app unlock is required to get access to the premium features (Premium Features Pack).

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  • 2.7.9
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
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  • 2.7.8
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 68627b751fec24142fc4acaa088cd414
  • Stability improvements
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  • 2.7.7
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 8afa6186577e150bc3871075a1951e16
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10 recent comments of Geometry Pad APK

Michelle Foster

This math app will help me in my future endeavors

jean-louis Bonnet

the useful features are all in the premium. but the app has no quality in relation to its price

Saeedatu Nasara

When i use the app nothing happens. It's the worst app ever

Alexander Georgiev

Once you get used to how it works...

Maheshwaram Sudhakar

This app is used for geometry and linear equations but not use non linear equations

Luke Thomas



I love it.

Tudor Munteanu

One of the best math apps on Google Play. Responsive developer, steadily keeps adding features.

A Google User

Construct a geometric diagram accurately and make measurements on it. This app excels at that activity. Like GeoGebra, transformations can be made. Rotations, reflections and translations. Files can be shared, as well as photos of the diagrams. The 04/19/14 update greatly improves the capabilities. Introducing equations greatly increases its utility in solving analytic geometry problems. A creative app. Fun to use. Great to have all the conics! Fun to import maps and pictures.

Bo Brymer

Rated f Five Stars

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