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Version 1.9.5
Size 43.86 MB (45,986,693 bytes)
Developer Snack Studios Ltd.
Category Games, Card
Package Name com.snackstudio.ginrummy
OS 6.0 and up

Gin Rummy GAME description

A modern classic that is one of the most demanding of all card games.
Gin Rummy is played with a 52 card deck, the wild cards (jokers) are not used. It is best to use two decks, so that while one player deals the cards, the opponent can shuffle the other deck.

The order of the cards, from highest to lowest, is: king (K), queen (Q), jack (J), ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, deuce and ace.
As for the value of the cards, the figure cards are worth 10 points and the other cards are worth the value indicated by their pips.

Each player uses their hand to form combinations of three or more cards, to get more than the 100 points required to win the game before their opponent does so when played over several hands.

The deck is spread out on the table and each player takes a card. The player who draws the highest card chooses where to sit and deals out ten cards to each player, one by one, leaving the deck with the remaining cards in the center of the table. The top card of the stock deck is placed face up next to it to start the discard pile. In the following games, the player who wins the previous game becomes the dealer.
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