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The description GiveMe5 | Ertugrul Ghazi & Osman Gazi Urdu Apk

In GiveMe5 application we'll provide you TV series and films which can represent the history of Islamic and Turkish culture. In these series and films you'll see that through the course of history how Muslims fought against the Roman Empire and the way they conquered and ended 1500 years old Empire.
In these series on GiveMe5 you'll even be ready to study the cultural values of Muslims living therein period and also how justice and moral values uplifted the Muslims. the foremost important series are Dirilis Ertugul, Kurulus Osman, Mehmetcik, Payitaht Abdulhamid which you'll watch and luxuriate in on GiveMe5.

Dirilis Ertugul and Kurulus Osman are the series shows the increase of ottomans against the Roman Empire . Dirilis ertugrul may be a series which shows the struggle of a Turkish tribe and their leader Ertugul who is that the father of Osman I the founding father of the Ottoman Empire during this series he fought against the evil inside and out of doors to stable his tribe, this series have 5 seasons which has been completed on the Turkish channel and they'll be available on GiveMe5 app.

In Kurulus Osman they need shown that how the Ottoman Empire was founded and therefore the struggle of Osman I which is currently airing it's first season and latest episode are going to be available on GiveMe5 application. In Mehmetick and Payitaht Abdulhamid they need shown the downfall of the Ottoman Empire during the second war and the way sultan Abdul Hamid II tackles the conspiraces against the Ottoman Empire which was on the curse of collapse. Payitaht Abdulhamid remains airing on TV and it's fourth season is currently airing you'll watch the primary season on GiveMe5 app.

We will be uploading next seasons shortly on GiveMe5 app. With the passage of your time we'll be uploading more content for you to observe and study the Islamic history and therefore the culture.

GiveMe5 app - you can watch History of Islam and Turkish Culture and History
like Osman Gazi and Ertugrul Gazi in urdu Dubbed and Urdu subtitle

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