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GO Switch WidgetGO Switch WidgetGO Switch WidgetGO Switch WidgetGO Switch WidgetGO Switch Widget

The description GO Switch Widget Apk

GO Switch Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/off the functions in common use, such as Wifi, GPS, brightness, screen lock,flashlight, battery etc.

In 4x1 style, up to 12 toggles and 2 controls are supported. Compare to other switch widgets, you can just simply drag the toggles to change their positions in the widget. Moreover, like other GOWidgets, theme is also supported.

To make it work, you must install the latest version of GO Launcher EX which is the most popular home launcher app in Android Market.

Free tools for you: Flashlight , QR Scanner , Timer

How to uninstall?

To lock screen, the widget must be set as the device administrator. Once it's done, you cannot uninstall the widget directly like other normal GOWidgets. If you happen to uninstall it, you can follow the instruction below:

Enter the "Settings" menu -> "Location and security" -> "Select device administrators" -> Make sure "GO Switch Widget" is not selected -> Then uninstall the

Available Size:

Since GO Switch Widget has the right to lock screen, to UNINSTALL it, you must execute the steps below first.

Press the "menu" button in home screen of GO Launcher EX -> Select "Settings" -> Select "Location and Security" -> Select "Select device administrators" -> Make sure "GO Switch Widget" is not selected. Then try uninstall the widget like other usual applications.

Some toggles may be out of work after your GO Switch Widget is upgraded. Please refer to the instruction below to figure them out.

For the WiFi toggle (the instruction may be varied a little in different phones)

Settings -> Wireless and network -> Wi-Fi settings -> Unselect “WiFi” -> Then try the WiFi toggle in the widget to open the WiFi network.

For the Bluetooth toggle (the instruction may be varied a little in different phones)

Settings -> Wireless and network -> Bluetooth settings -> Unselect “Bluetooth” -> Then try the Bluetooth toggle in the widget to open the Bluetooth function.

For the screen lock toggle (the instruction may be varied a little in different phones)

Settings -> Location and security -> Select device administrators -> Unselect “GO Switch Widget” -> Then try the “screen lock” toggle in the widget to lock the screen.

- Wifi, Ringer, Brightness, Bluetooth, MobileNetwork, GPS, Auto-sync, Airplane mode, Auto-rotate, Vibrate, ScreenTimeout, Lock screen, Ringer volume, Media volume
- Toggle position modification

How to add GOWidgets to your home screen?
- Long press on your home screen in GO Launcher EX. Press the GOWidget option and choose the widget you like. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

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  • 1.81
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 4ACE2A33E9CD3113ADBB0EBCE4EED90C5F43338B
  • 9d0c5c64971f220ee50148f3e5ebcfea
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10 recent comments of GO Switch Widget APK

Liam Redmond

Been using for more than a year and very happy, until today. My phone is now seriously messed up and I need to go and purchase some other launcher. DO NOT waste your money! One year ago it would get 5 stars. It gets zero today. The app I purchased has been replaced with successive updates that no longer resembles the thing I purchased. Options I had before like backup and restore settings has been removed. Best example I have seen of developers ruining a perfectly good app in pursuit of money.

Cam H

I have this app along with the non pro version installed on my Samsung Note 5 and it widget has worked for months and now after I restart my phone widget shows up with no icons and just a white bar. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and same problem. Please fix.

Derrick Williams

Mobile data switch no longer works after Android 5.0 update. Also, when I'm on a phone call and turn off mobile data by pressing the mobile data switch, it hangs up my phone call. Been hanging up calls for the past 3 updates however. Using Galaxy s5

Keith Segovia

I like it so far. One problem I encountered: When switch toggle for airplane mode is turned on/off, I am sent to the wireless and networks settings. I don't really use airplane mode too often so its a minor issue for me but nonetheless its a serious problem to be addressed. -Blu Life Play X

Fritz Hop Along Rudy

Used to love it. I kept only 3 functions on the bar that I used regularly, one being the flashlight. Now everytime I shut the screen off, it changes itself. I'm uninstalling now because if I can't keep the flashlight handy on the widget, there's no point.

Colin Downie

The main reason I was interested in this app was for the themes. Don't get me wrong, it works well enough but it doesn't do anything I can't do by swiping down from the top of my screen. This changes the app from fantastic to actually pretty useless...

Maya Yederi

first problem is that notification on home screen cannot be deleted or removed. second problem is unexpected error of switch widget. the mobile data icon remains off and if I on it the "unexpected error please email it" msg comes with triangle shape

Pat Swick

This worked fine on my Droid Razr MAXX HD. I set which things I wanted to control and never had a problem. I upgraded to the Turbo 2 and now I can't make any changes to what I control. When I select the 1x1 widget I only get the choice to switch WI-FI, no matter what I do I only get that option.

Neil Riddoch

I don't know why but Samsung took away the quick access "mobile" or "data" button. So I use the switch to turn it on when needed and off when I need to save battery. Also it gives me quick access to the light switch. Plus more and more.

Scott Heckler

Cannot select dark skin on Galaxy S5. Very disappointing and clashes with my theme. Widget works fine, but looks so bad I don't want to use it.

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