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Version 0.8.4
Size 54.50 MB (57,147,597 bytes)
Developer CYCLOPS
Category Games, Simulation
Package Name me.fstoke.GoblinCaravan
OS 8.0

Goblin's Caravan GAME description

Goblin's Caravan is a simple and easy merchant trade simulation game.
This is a game of running a traveling merchant fleet in the other world. You have to start as a small traveling merchant boss, explore villages and trade around the world, and try to expand your merchant fleet. Help the monsters to develop the town, make the other world become rejuvenated for the monsters to live.

- Traveling around the world visiting villages and buying all kinds of goods.
The more villages you visit, the more places your caravan can trade and buy their specialties. Each village produces different types of goods depending on the terrain around it. For example, villages near lakes or the sea have a higher chance of producing seafood.

- Help villages to develop and build, and produce more high-grade goods.
At first, the variety of goods that can be produced in the village is limited, but as trading becomes more popular, the village will develop and grow on its own. You can invest in the village and build more commercial buildings to produce more goods. You can also ship specific materials to villages to unlock the ability to produce more advanced types of goods to trade for profit.

- Arranging trading routes to optimize the profitability of a caravan.
The price of each type of goods will be different in different villages, so you have to find out the trading route which can get the best profit and arrange the caravan to go to trade automatically. This way you can earn more money faster! Once you have set up an automated trade route, the automated trade will continue even if you don't open the game to play.

- Upgrade the caravan to improve cargo capacity and defense.
Your caravan will gain experience as it travels around the world and trades goods, and will then be upgraded. You'll receive a modification point for each upgrade, which you can allocate to increase your caravan's storage space or loading capacity, or to add more guard monsters to protect it.

- Assign monsters to guard merchant wagons, easy full-automatic combat!
As your caravan moves around the map, it may be robbed by an army of humans. The higher the value of the goods you carry, the stronger the army will be. If your caravan is equipped with powerful monsters, you will be able to fight off the humans. On the other hand, if all your monsters are killed, some of your cargo will be looted and lost.
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