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New and powerful foes coming from Goku and friends movies will do their best to succeed in their wicked deeds. To fight them, Time Patrollers will gather in a huge new city that is 7 times.

* Each playable race will have different rewards for their missions.
* Next-gen visuals bring the Goku anime experience to life.
* Training mode called Training School.
* Many more stages for local multiplayer with the camera adjusted to fit all action on a single screen.
* Players can import their character from the original game where they will play a role in the story. For owners of previous-gen consoles, a cross gen save feature will be added in an update that allows players to upload. The chosen character will also have their clothes and skills (save for a few) available from the outset for the new character.
* Throughout Conton City there will be mini-games that your character can partake in. Some of these mini-games are exclusive to each race.
* You will now be able to choose from different charged Ki Blasts when customizing your character, which are determined by the Super Soul you have equipped
* The game will feature decisions that your character has to make creating different ways the story plays out.
* In Online Mode, up to six Future Warriors can all be on the same team.
* Fight through 100 parallel quests.

* Endless: Fight until you can't fight anymore! May the best fighter win!
* No-Level matches: Play without stats. Players will be able to battle based on skill with no level advantages. This mode allows the removal of the timer
* Giant-boss mode: Players face giant bosses such as Great Ape Vegeta. May be played with up to six players
* World Tournament: Challenge the world to see who is the strongest!
* Training Mode : Practice your skills at Training School!
* Raid Boss Battles: Players fight against bosses such as Broly, Turles, Majin Vegeta, and Golden Frieza. Up to six players.

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Its ok does this game crashes

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need budikai tenkaichi 3

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Always 5:rateing game is this

We need Al forms

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