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The description GPlayer Apk


█ Free Android Video Player even you don’t want the floating popup features.

█ Why do you choose the software as your media player ?

☆ It supports the Google chromecast dongle now!!

☆ Multiple-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique; You can play the video in anywhere, for multiple windows.

☆ Simple & Customize Theme Style System; You can make your own theme in a easy way.

☆ Easy Operation and User Interface; View your media in list, grid, and 3D Gallery mode, play the video with simple gesture to adjust. You can also use the widgets to play the video from the launcher.

☆ Wide Video Format Support; You can play almost all types of the media files with software decoder with subtitle files, like the rmvb, wmv, …etc. It also support to play the YouTube (HTML5) and URL.

☆ Group Media Sharing; You can share the media with your friends in a high speed wireless channel without any configuration.

☆ Personalize List; You can mark the selected media with favorite or privacy, it only shows in the mirror list.

☆ Performance and Reliability Improve; Better performance in the loading and playing. For the large amount of video files, its loading time is more fast compared to the others video player.

█ Introduction
The GPlayer is an innovation video playback software for Android OS. It can re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back with Group Media Sharing feature. Better operation experience, support subtitle and popup video technique. In other words, you can watch your video content in any application. You can watch the video and do something else at the same time!

█ Description
The floating system make you can move the video window position and resize the window boundary according to your personal favor. You can also play with full screen or minimize the playing video to the system notification tray . If your device is strong enough, you can also play the video with "Multi-Window"(Maximum is 6). It means you can watch up to six video files at the same time.

The "GPlayer" is not just a popup video player, it has a friendly and simply user interface with List style, Grid style and 3D Gallery Flow style. You can customize the theme as your wish.

It can record the playback position of the file and set the favorite files. Moreover, it supports the subtitle (.srt, .ass, and .smi file formats) when you play a video file. it also can play the audio files (mp3, wav...etc).

Group Media Sharing allows the devices with the same network mask to share the media files. In other words, you can share the media contents with your friends in the same Wi-Fi environment (Wi-Fi Access Point). You can also try the "Sync Play" feature, it is very funny.

The "GPlayer" supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.2 with any screen size and resolution. It will integrate the build-in media Gallery for media source, you can input the video streaming URL or launch the "GPlayer" from others File Explorer..

█ How to use the application ?
Please read the help in the “menu” -> “Settings” -> “User Manual” in the software.

█ Free Edition
The software is a free edition; some features are only available in Professional edition. If you like the software, you can buy the Professional edition license via Google Play in-app purchase to support our development.

GPlayer 1.9.9 APK Download BoxBack top

  • 1.9.9
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • February 22, 2017
  • B4B5343A693C2C5988F4F4FDF910A93904562E85
  • c7dc7783ca1c609a88ae4d72492163ca
  • 2017-FEB-21 v1.9.9
    Modify: support android 7

    2016-APR-18 v1.9.8
    Modify: fix the toolbar issue when playing in fullscreen mode
    2016-APR-07 v1.9.7
    Add: support to the Chromecast
    Add: new option,"Hide Directory Page"
    Modify: update the software decoder
    Modify: bug fix on the gesture detection
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  • 1.9.8
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • April 18, 2016
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  • 1.9.7
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • April 8, 2016
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  • 1.9.6
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake (SDK: 3)
  • January 15, 2016
  • d9ab0fefc4c905b8953da70535de84b2
  • 2015-DEC-17 v1.9.6
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  • 1.9.5
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake (SDK: 3)
  • January 9, 2016
  • B4B5343A693C2C5988F4F4FDF910A93904562E85
  • 27b73fc7ef685086b587093d398bb6c7
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10 recent comments of GPlayer APK

Garnett Last

Loved this app for synchronizing videos playback between tablets to watch movies in the car. Upgraded to pro so I could share more than two videos but it will only allow me to share four videos! Also sharing wont work at all with my wife's device unless I buy pro for hers as well. This should support google's family app sharing! And besides that it should at least work between pro and free even with the free limitations. Please refund my purchase or give me a pro code for my wife's device.

Kevin W

This is the best multitasking floating window app on Android. Google should have integeated this function into Android a long time ago. Just 1 minor bug, if you open a Youtube video by using "open URL", you can't close the window, since the controls won't show up.

Julien Huon

I payed the professional version so that I can play synced videos between devices without limitation( free version is limited to 3 videos). Looks like that professional version is not working at all. If I share 10 videos it only shows 1 on the other device. Refresh doesn't help. When clicking on the play on other device for that shared video, it says either download not complete or download fail. So not working. It was working in the free version. Now that I paid it doesn't. I want some support to fix it or i want my money back.

Patelfamily Apps

It's good but buggy. For example: 1. Only showed up all files if mkv files were in their own folder and all files had a space in the name. 2. Bought the app via in app purchase so I did share more than 3 files to another device. I can only share 4 files. Wasn't really worth paying for that. 3. Can't share, and play in sync files over 2 gig. It'll copy it across but then say the copy is incomplete. I bought the app for playing videos in sync on a long journey. When it works it's great, but it's far from perfect. I'd say it's in the beta test phase really.

ym ma

Great Floating video, I still come back to this one after trying others. My only issue is that when I have on speaker boost it does not work with this app. It was works with other floating video players. Please fix

Harikesh Kumar

******Important***** I want my home page should always in Directory Views then why its switch to gallery tab. Plz fix it ...other wise its useless for me

Eugene Satterlund

Wasn't for the terrible licensing I would have been 5 stars. No idea what my old IMEI was or device it was installed on. So atm I stuck with the free version.

Matthew park

App will not let me play any videos within the player since getting new phone (Xiaomi redmi note 4x running android 7.0 and MIUI 8.5 global ROM). Will let me share and download with other devices but not play any video. I have sent you multiple emails but no reply in over 5 weeks. Very poor customer service and support.............

A Google user

I love this thing. Breaks from time to time, but the versatility of it more than đakes up for everything. Honestly, afraid of updating every time so that the updates don't break it.

A Google user

This is a amazing softwer. It is a prefect for any video or audio playing. Verry nice softwer & good service. I use it to long time. I love this gplayer. U can try it. Not bad. Many many thanks for make it.

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