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Rockstar Gamesの史上最も影響を与えてきたゲームが10周年を迎えます。高い評価を得てきた大ヒットタイトル『グランド・セフト・オートIII』が、モバイル機器に登場。リバティーシティの怪しげな暗黒の地下世界を多様で壮大なオープンワールドで再現。あらゆるタイプのキャラクターが出現する、この自由に探検できるゲームでは、非情でありながら魅力ある闇の犯罪世界をお手元で体験できます。


• 視覚的に見事な最新のグラフィック、キャラクターおよび乗り物
• 高解像度
• タッチスクリーン機器向けにゲームプレイを最適化
• モバイルプラットフォーム向けのカスタム操作
• 無限大のプレイ時間
• 一部のUSBゲームパッドに対応
• Immersionの触覚/振動フィードバック機能との統合
• 新しい表示設定で視覚体験をカスタマイズ可能

対応言語: 英語、フランス語、イタリア語、ドイツ語、スペイン語、日本語

『グランド・セフト・オートIII: 10周年記念エディション』を最適にプレイするには、ダウンロード後に機器を再起動し、他のアプリケーションを終了されることを推奨します。

『グランド・セフト・オートIII: 10周年記念エディション』をインストールするには、1GB以上の空き容量を確保してください。


『グランド・セフト・オートIII: 10周年記念エディション』に関する詳細は下記でご確認ください:


ポート開発: War Drum Studios

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10 recent comments of GTA III APK

m 54027830

drving mode is great but running sround and shooting is a chore. controls for throwing grenades is laughable.

A Google user

The good; Game looks great and it is easy to switch languages so everyone in my house can play. This game clearly demonstrates that most of our favorite games of the 32 and 128 bit eras, like Morrowind, are easily possible on Android hardware. The bad; Game doesn't like gamepads. When I plug a gamepad into my Sony S or Nexus 7, the game realizes that there is a gamepad so the on screen controls go away but then none of the buttons of the gamepad work. Very annoying. A USB keyboard does work but it is really difficult figuring out what button does way. On top of that there is no way to set controls to certain buttons. The REALLY bad; For some reason this game is available for my Nexus 7 and my Sony S but it won't let me get the game for my Xperia Play. WHY???? I could understand if the xplay just wasn't powerful enough but it clearly is. There are videos all over youtube of people playing the game on the xplays. It is almost like they are daring me to steal the game, though it wouldn't really be stealing since I paid for it. It says in the description that the Xplay is supported so why can't I download it on mine????? Super Annoying. Fix the problems... please

A Google user

doesn't work on my phone.

A Google user

Great games, looks and sounds amazing. But the controls are a little tricky.

A Google user

Runs faster than my old Core PC.

A Google user

Why i cant play this?game my unit is galaxy note..

A Google user

Not sure what happened with the other guy, but mine (DoCoMo SC-02C) works fine, including over HDMI. This is the non-LTE SGS2. Plays better on my Gtab7+ (SC-02D) due to larger buttons, but on my original Gtab7 (SC-01C) the lag causes the sound to stutter and the video to slow/pause, making it unplayable. Two out of three isn't bad :)

A Google user

runs without problems on both galaxy note and asus transformer. does not run on 003sh

A Google user

I want my money back.



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