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Version 1.34.01
Size 72.28 MB (75,795,310 bytes)
Developer Benjamin Astorga
Category Apps, Sports
Package Name com.benastorga.gym_art
OS 6.0 and up

Gym Art APPLICATION description

Leave the math to Gym Art, so that you can focus on your gymnasts!
Start mastering the rules of gymnastics with Gym Art, the only app that allows you to review the entire FIG Code of Points in one place, study the Code with 30+ practice exams, and create individual routines with the rules automatically calculated!

Designed for and by gymnastics lovers, Gym Art is as robust, flexible and fluid as the gymnasts it supports. With Gym Art, there’s no need to scroll through the rules to find just the one you need or worry about passing a rule test for a coaching or judging certification. No more having to ask an experienced judge for a D-score: Gym Art will do that for you.

Whether you’re a novice or veteran coach or judge, you can create athlete routines that automatically calculate the D-score. Gym Art is powered by an algorithm for each event that calculates which rules will be applied to the routine. Leave the math to Gym Art!

Why download Gym Art?
>There is no other app as robust, flexible and fluid as Gym Art. Its main purpose is to make it easier to understand gymnastics, with an interface as beautiful as gymnasts’ routines.
>No other app offers the full text of the Code of Points. You can now see all the written rules at a glance.
>Save time searching for rules! Search for any skill and confirm its apparatus, group, value, and full name as fast you can type. Create routines that automatically provide the D-score without having to do any calculations.
>Gym Art has options for learning and applying the rules. Whether you need to study, read up on the rules, or create routines, Gym Art has you covered.
>Gym Art offers 30+ practice exams for aspiring coaches and judges. Subjects include skill values, group values, or connection bonuses. Exams are divided by skill group, apparatus, or the entire code.

Leave the math to Gym Art, so that you can focus on your gymnasts!
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