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Hangouts WidgetHangouts WidgetHangouts WidgetHangouts Widget

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"Hangouts Widget completes Android's most popular messaging app" - XDA
"Dead simple and free, what more could you ask for? - LifeHacker
Also featured on Android Community, Talk Android, IntoMobile, Android Headlines, and Droid Life!

Fast, Simple, Elegant

A homescreen widget to show messages (or SMS) received in Google Hangouts

Fully resizable and shows your messages at a glance.

Because of limitations to the Android system, only new Hangouts will be shown and only works for 4.3+

You must first install Google Hangouts! :)

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  • 2.0
  • Android 4.3.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 18)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 3134A39F4ED0AE656A5DF9A9C15C1B29DAC4165F
  • 9e3864211656142166eb75e244b0fbe2
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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.3.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 18)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 9285e32a6442a54625b648a61ecfb101
  • 2.0:
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10 recent comments of Hangouts Widget APK


This concept/feature has been around for as long I can remember. If hangouts is your default sms app, which I recommend strongly, look in your widgets and go to "H" and you'll see the widget. No need to install this app. Waste of space IMO. I'll give you 2*s, devs. Because the app is sleek looks amazing.

Tony Phillips

Widget doesn't work for multiple Android users. At first, it only shows up for the main user but not for other users on the same phone. After several reboots, the widget was available for the other users. Nexus 6p

Justin Z

I like there are messages from different accounts included (but this should be configurable) and the dark theme option. What's really missing is the option to hide conversations that have been already from the widget. Last update was Jan 2014 so I won't try to "hold out" for new feature - at least this provides a big missing component.

Martha S

when I set up a new widget, there's a slider to increase or decrease/remove transparency. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I tried several times to put a widget in place with no transparency, but it stays transparent. Can it be because there is no Save option? Or is the setting just supposed to take effect after you slide it, but it's not working? As it is, this widget is useless because I can't see it unless I delete my wallpaper.

A Google User

Just what I was looking for to replace the horrible, white, stock Hangouts widget. However, messages deleted in Hangouts still appear in this widget. Please fix. Consider adding a refresh button. This has potential.

Levi Richardson

Pretty much just a widget that listens for hangouts notifications, shows you them in a list and gives you a shortcut to open the app. No multi account handling, you still have to do that on your own in the app.

K Connors

I thought it would come up with a lock screen message when I got new messages but it didn't. Maybe there are settings I didn't know about. The home screen widget it nice but Hangouts has that on its own now. I would love if Hangouts or another app would cause my screen to wake when I get new messages but I haven't found one yet.

Ray RedSpider

Like the new dark option too, but all it ever says is that there are no messages, even though I have several. So what we really have is a widget that doesn't work. A prettier one that doesn't work, while the attached one always did. Not impressed.

Tim Graffam

This is about to get a lot more popular now that Google has pulled the widget from it's app. Does what its supposed to pretty well. Too bad it can't pull in previous messages, but sounds like it's out of dev's control. Two suggestions. First is include an option to change text size used in the widget - being able to make it smaller would allow to show more messages. Second is being able to click a message in the widget goes directly to that message in hangouts. Thx for the consideration dev!

Darlene Lear

I do not get notifications. The only way I know I have messages is if I go into the widget and open it up. Its a waste of space.

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