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The description HD Camera For iPhone7 Apk

Apple officially introduced its latest smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus. The device is equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera with F1.8 lens berbukaan.

But more interesting is the image capture unit belongs iPhone 7 Plus was introduced in conjunction with the iPhone 7. The phone has dual cameras on the back, each with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The difference between the two cameras iPhone 7 Plus, as summarized KompasTekno from Cnet, lies in the type of lens used.

The first camera is fitted with a 28 mm lens (equivalent full-frame) with F1.8 aperture, while a second camera carries 56 mm lens (also equivalent full frame) berbukaan F2.8.

That is, the two lenses iPhone 7 Plus has two different focal length. One camera produces desert areas of wide-angle (28 mm) while the other has a field of view equivalent normal lens on a digital camera (56 mm).

Not a "zoom" optical

When introducing dual camera iPhone 7 Plus, Apple uses the term "optical zoom at 2x" confusing.

The term usually used to describe the zoom range is "2x optical zoom" which means the focal length of the camera lens can be extended up to two times the original figure at its widest point with the technique of zooming (change of distance between the lens).

In optical zoom, the process of adding the focal length is done in stages, for example of 28 mm and 35 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm as the distance between the lens prolongation.

But not so with the iPhone 7 Plus. This phone actually does not have an optical zoom lens as in, for example, mobile phone series Galaxy Camera from Samsung, or TrueZoom module for modular phone Motorola Moto Z, but two cameras with lenses that have two different viewpoints.

In other words, iPhone 7 Plus has two lenses "prime" (non-zoom lens with a focal length fixed / fixed).

"Optical zoom" is meant Apple was none other than "jump" from the field of view of 28 mm (wide) to 56 mm (normal / short tele) when the user changes the camera is activated.

iPhone 7 Plus is able to zoom up to 2x over, but the process uses digital techniques -not optical zoom zoom- which reduces the sharpness of the image.

Camera with 28 mm lens is ideal for shooting scenery, architecture, or other objects that require a wide viewing angle, while the 56 mm camera with a lens suitable for photographing persons or other subjects close up.

Effect "Depth of Field"

The use of multiple cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus helped open new shooting modes, namely "Portrait" which adds to the effect of depth of field (DoF) in the form of an opaque background, while the main subject still look sharp.

It works similar to the same technique that was first introduced in some models of Android phones. Both cameras capture images simultaneously to obtain information within the main subject and background (depth map).

A special software algorithm then separates the main subject in the background, then artificially blur the background. Preview of this effect can be seen on screen.

other features :

In addition to the above two things, camera iPhone 7 Plus also has some other features like the ability to save images in RAW format (DNG) is more flexible for editing than JPEG.

There's also image stabilization to dampen oscillation that can blur the image, also "wide color capture" that is claimed to capture a wider color spectrum.

Flash unit also faces made and now has four LED flash. Unit nicknamed Quad-LED system is claimed to have a light output 50 percent higher than the previous generation iPhone, as well as capable of reducing flicker that occurs when the subject was under the lights.

The front camera for capturing selfie join updated with new units 7 megapixel resolution, both for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones scheduled to be ordered in some countries began 9 September tomorrow.

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Ile Stojanov

I love this app,performs much better than my stock camera.has good features and increases the quality of the pics and videos.however there is one big flaw that i found.since my phone records videos with stereo audio i found that the L and R chanells are switched opposite.please fix this so that i can enjoy fully in your app .thanx.

Pablo Gimenez

Very interesting app. Works perfectly fine, and does the hardware work to the top of its capacity.

williamthe chosenone

Good for a begginer but ads come on man and you expect people to donate

I pretty damn good and awesome pics

Iqbal Mastoi

Copy of open camera which is ad. Free

Ermanno Alamanos !!!


Aaron Waruszewski

This looks a hole lot like Mark Harman open source "open camera" app.

Cool app

Fuzzel Fox

It's literally Open Camera. Open the settings and hit "about" and it says it's open camera. The screen shots are also of Camera FV-5. I'm reporting this app as fraud.

My stock camera sucks balls and i got this and it changed everything PLEASE ADD A SET DEFAULT CAMERA MINE SUCKS AND THIS IS AMAZING

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