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HD Model ViewerHD Model ViewerHD Model ViewerHD Model ViewerHD Model Viewer

The description HD Model Viewer Apk

View full-detail, 3D textured models and animations from over 20 different formats.

• View, rotate, zoom
• Full-screen mode
• Material support with transparency and custom diffuse/specular/ambient lighting
• Register as default viewer for supported model types
• Import from local storage, or stream from http/https/ftp sources
• Preloaded with sample models (courtesy of Assimp)

• Supported model formats include:
• FBX (ascii), 3DS, BLEND, DAE (Collada), PLY, STL, OBJ, SMD, X, LWO, LXO, LWS, XML, DXF, HMP, MD2, MD3, MD5, MDC, MDL(Quake), NFF, TER, AC3D, MS3D(Milkshape), IFC-STEP, ASE
• Uses the open source Assimp library (http://assimp.sourceforge.net/)

• Supported material texture formats include:

• Pro-Only Features:
• Skeletal animation playback from common formats, including BVH, .DAE, .MD5 and .X
• Adjust render quality
• Dark and light backgrounds
• Basic model statistics
• Wireframe rendering
• Light intensity and direction control
• On-screen viewing controls
• Load/disable textures after model import
• Normal (bump) mapping support

• Coming Soon:
• Screen-space ambient occlusion
• Faster anti-aliasing

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  • 0.51
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 10, 2016
  • F00B284B66E070E7EE0D69CAD0704295D6FC64C8
  • 2dd6bb7b9783a4309aca405105c53adf
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  • 0.50
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 10, 2016
  • F00B284B66E070E7EE0D69CAD0704295D6FC64C8
  • 54788abaf054b6928353f8944f32be8b
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10 recent comments of HD Model Viewer APK

A Google user

Rotating the model is so confusing and annoying especially if you have a model with small landmarks. The model i was using looked mirrored and some textures were missing. I was hoping for an enjoyable experience reading all these comments but i guess i got downloadbaited.

Julia Khobbakht

This app is really cool and all but how the hell am I going to get my textures to show up? They always fail to load, even with the obj's mtl downloaded or using an fbx file doesn't make a difference :'[

Charné Bornman

Very cool. For some reason it flips my .dds textures... Makes the right side the left and vice versa, maybe it's in the way I saved them, although they work fine on my computer

Varun V.P.

The app does not seem to be working on marshmallow, the buttons don't respond. On lollipop, it was a great app. UPDATE: Looks like this issue is still not fixed. The app seems to be responding to auto rotate, but it's like the screen is dead. No touches are detected. Please fix this. I'm using a Moto g2.


but it's quite unstable to use with pinch to zoom in or out and the rotation is like moon gravity, e.g. — Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, JellyBean rooted. — 0nly gestures interaction on zoom and rotation is the problem.

Roy Sjolander

I tryed to load up a model from super mario 64 (obj) and it had no textures, and some just didnt work at all.

Edward Georgadze

Opened obj, and object shows mirror. Left side is right, and other the same. Can send object, screens to improve error. But it's greater than others.

Riju Chatterjee

Don't know what goes into programming something like this, but I can tell this app is a job well done. Displays large models smoothly even on a cheap phone. Heads up, there's an issue with incorrect back face culling, but good luck finding a better app...

Andrew Ferraro

Looks great but a few things wrong. 1. Recalculating normals sometimes results in weird reversed normals 2. Can't add a texture file to a UV mapped .obj

Jeff Wenz

The app is great for viewing 3d models. It is organized and easy to understand. + I had a problem with the app and the developer was rather quick to reply with a solution. 5 star

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