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The description Hero Fighter X Apk

Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developed by Marti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7 years.

There are 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerful moves.

Hero Fighter provides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:
- Story Mode: Play with different characters of your choice against enemies and fight to watch their stories unfold.
- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.
- Team VS Mode: Group-vs-group fighting
- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100 men in a battlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier camps and castles.
- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round as they challenge you one by one.
- Mission Mode: Survive the relentless waves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.
- Training Mode: Receive special cards and earn extra experience points.

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  • 1.091
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 55decf91f37a929b0372485398d59a01
  • Decrease the cost of energy.
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  • 1.08
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 14, 2016
  • d2654c709d3c13c683b2a569668534db
  • Bug fixes.
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  • 1.04
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 28914E5A95961411DB3E69F9F95FA3C6EEB34A80
  • 1fcd939e6c8bc8a431dc189dd85bedb0
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10 recent comments of Hero Fighter X APK

Reggae Marley

The game will likely bring back lots of nostalgia for players who used to love Little Fighter. For those who never played, this game is absolutely worth a download and a fun Beat 'Em Up in it's own right. The biggest issue is that so much content is restricted. The monetization attempts really hold the game back from being great. Please reconsider an overhaul of the energy and Act unlock mechanics, both for the fun of players and for the success of your game.

Jesus Arellano

If you like little fighter 2 why havent you downloaded this yet? Its like a little fighter salad. In my opinion these characters powers are much more creative. The only difference is there is no throwable objects but instead you get more fighters, longer stages and a mix of fighting situations and war games between up to 4 armies. Much better than Little Fighter 2. 7 years made Marti a more complete genius! 5 stars no doubt.

Aditya Kedia

This game is so much addicting that u cant believe. Thanks to it energy system i take rest otherwise i would had never put it down. Im really sorry developer that i cant buy anything to help bcos google play cards in india is very expensive. But i love ur game . Its awesome. Thank u soo much for this mindblowing game. I will 100% make sure that lots of people know about this game

Louis D

This game was a awesome, i had played it on my pc since 2003 without any problem. Now, we have it on android market with a lot of lag in defence. Trust me i play it on note 4 with so many lagging, game does not require wifi so its not make any sense. Hope u can fix that run smoothly. Thanks to bring this game to android, i will give u guys 5 start for the next update.

Icrine Arcura

I played little fighter 2 obsessively as a student and participated in the modding community despite how much I hate coding. Hero Fighter X is a brillant update to that part of my life. I can't wait to see this game become multiplayer! A PC re-release on steam would definitely get my money. A small issue I have at the moment - my referral codes are not working, for both me and my friends. It could be that I can't connect because I live in Singapore. Thanks again for the great game!

Mohammad Sufyan

Used to play with my friends most od the time back in school. Ever since then, others tried to mod the game to make it more epic and bizarre. With this new game, alot of us will relive the moments we had back then. Hope Marti Wong can unlock the multiplayer mode once again

Tan YoungTanson

But plz make it also like can be online so can play with friends;D

Divyesh Chauhan

The game should allow server system so that players can sync their progress and it saves game from primitive hacks. 1 more thing! I am not able to upgrade to full version as the game is not showing the option of full version purchase in shop.

Decker Miles

I donated for hero fighter 7.0 can we transfer from that account and unlock all or do i need to do referal to unlock all chars and can i download the pc edition still cause hero fighter 7.0 is corrupt on my pc other than that i like it

Iczzy Raytor

I like this update this is best game i also play this game on my computer and again thank you for this update.Also,please create more acts and make a multiplayer mode also but dont make it like network game as it is so hard to make rooms.Please make that 1 user can enter only two referral codes instead of one because someone would ask his friend to enter his referral code but his friend already entered someone's code.Its hard to find people to enter our referral code.My friends also liked this game.

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