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Gaming vpn-Host ChangerGaming vpn-Host Changer

The description Gaming vpn-Host Changer Apk

Host changer is gaming vpn used for blocking of ads. Gaming vpn-Host Changer vpn is used to block custom host or defined host address and IPS. You can select host from internet or other resources you want. Host can also find it by yourself or can search it out on internet. Just put your file in device and connect to it by pressing switch button. Gaming vpn-Host Changer vpn can also help you in reducing pings. Gaming vpn-Host Changer vpn protect your data. Gaming vpn-Host Changer can help you in no lagging of game. Just enter host address and it will block all host that you have added in that file.
Mobile games are becoming more and more popular, we can play games with people around the world anywhere and anytime. But first, you need a fast and stable strange vpn to keep your gaming speed smooth. A higher ping time or a slower connection is a disaster. Under these circumstances, you need a free Strange vpn to reduce ping.
How to Use:
support wildcard DNS records. For example: | | | |
3,full support ipv6 network , support change AAAA (Ipv6 Address) DNS records. example:
fe80::2 broadcast host
::1 local host

How to use:

1) Download host from the website given in the help button
2) Click on the select host button and select host from device through this strange gaming vpn.
3) Click on the switch button and connect to the vpn.

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  • 1.0.3
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • May 8, 2020
  • 1B56A3ED1153E06EE00B95AE1D48BCCDA1E4B2A9
  • 19d26c62eacdb27880b07e78f16c28cf
  • Bugs have been removed
    Help has been modified for faster work
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  • 1.0.2
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • March 14, 2020
  • 1B56A3ED1153E06EE00B95AE1D48BCCDA1E4B2A9
  • 88295806b56424cd1fc9c164925c4831
  • New functionalities have been added
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  • 1.0.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • January 15, 2020
  • 1B56A3ED1153E06EE00B95AE1D48BCCDA1E4B2A9
  • 617937978b69757609fc7bec6f1596e0
  • Working fast
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