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2639 votes, 4/ 5
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  • 1.0
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb
  • DVloper
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Hotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel InsanityHotel Insanity

The description Hotel Insanity Apk

Welcome to the Hotel Insanity.
The hotel where you have to survive as long as you can.

You must find coins that are on different places in the hotel. They show up at random places. coins can be hard to find, so look properly.
The coins you must use in any of the three Apple machines that are located in the hotel.

The apples you should eat to survive your hunger.
There is even a small apple thief wandering in the hotel and who loves apples. Watch out for that little guy.

Beware of the maniacs wandering in darkness. They'll hurt you.
And also beware of traps. (Some traps you can disarm).

Good luck and have fun!

Thank you all for your kind ratings you have given me! You are the best!
If you want to send an email to me, please write in English or Swedish.

The game is free but it contains advertising.

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  • 1.0
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • August 15, 2016
  • 04BD56217691D09792BB7D7D0E08875DC25402D9
  • ecde5306dd2956e2b095c42b11d4cd07
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10 recent comments of Hotel Insanity APK

Aaliyah Porter

Could u make it to weare you don't die from hunger and to wear it is only you in the hotel if u u people who haven't reviewed it u would agree make it to weare u just explore the rooms and people jump out at u but don't kill you thanks great game overall though

Cristian Quirk

I got scared but slenderina was more scary

Giovanni Ambrosio

Reply Me Not Replying 5 Stars Please When Times Stops

Gréta wolf

He to docela fajn hra

Smoke 420 & Chill Andromeda Star Struck

Trying it out, I trust dvloper it's hard to trust games on the app store anymore I'll be back to give a 5 star after my review ???? update: I loved it and I will keep coming back for more! You guys have a real talent for horror games, I appreciate you taking your time to make this for all of us! People are missing out if they do not play this. It actually scares you something most games lack now days, but not this one. I'd love if they made challenges to do like coin collection challenges and tranquilizer dart machines, no glitches the game is perfect! Just needs a few extra challenges to make it more fun, this game has potential to it, no doubt about it! No complaints from me I survived 14 mins

Faith Hill

This game is AMAZING! Words can't describe how much I like this game. It has a lot of hesitation, which builds up your fear and tenses you up. The jump scares are very clever, and I'm glad there is more than one villain taking place in the game. In conclusion, this game is very unique. I enjoy it. I would recommend this game to any body who is a fan of horror games.

A master

The funny thing is that for a while now, I wanted to make a game called "The Hotel of Insanity" in the future. Just for fun, I looked up hotel horror games and this was the first to pop up. The name is so close too only the concept of my game is better than this one. I still liked it though

Nurul Zahirah

This a few tips for u all. The more u survive the more faster our hunger go down and the maniac become even more faster. They will just 1 hit u when at 20 m. Also don't remove the hunger because they are so useful in this game Don't delete it. Also my best time is 60 m they were more faster then me -_-. Dvloper just forget those just don't remove the hunger bar This is the best game I ever played and scary :)

Abigail Richardson

It is scary! But also really fun. My friend and i play it all the time! The longest we have survived is 16 minutes....and also could you make it to wear you don't get hungry as fast!!?? And is there a way to kill or hurt the maniac monster thing?


It was too good. Having fun wit this game,even too scary. Whan the zombie comes na that time if we would have something to hit them. So, please make sure. Otherwise supurb awsome game. Luv'it......

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