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*** How To Raise Well-Trained Dog Owners ***

Dear Reader,

NEWS FLASH: Attention all dogs seeking owners. #1 Rule - make sure you interview your potential owner extensively and make certain they are totally committed to being trained as dog owners!

All kidding aside if you really want to learn about owning a dog the first criteria is to decide why you want one and make sure it's for all the right reasons.

Once you've got that figured out then your next step is learning "How to be a "Top Dog Owner." You do that by reading this terrific manual for dog owners. You would swear that this guide is written by Karl Matthews dog.

It's jam-packed with everything your dog wishes you knew but couldn't ask you himself. Take a gander a what Karl covers:

• Purebred or Heinz Variety - this goes back to the reason you want a dog in the first place
• Where to find the perfect pal for you - classified ads - breeders - what to look for when shopping around
• Human. . .er. . .dog training - an obedient owner is a happy owner
• How to select the correct toys for your dog - some toys can actually be harmful - learn how to select the appropriate toys for your canine
• Making the adoption work - integrating into your family unit - who is the leader of the pack?
• House training - an important part of training - Karl includes hints on getting rid of stains - just in case
• Feeding time - yum yum - the right food for the right stage
• When to see the vet - vaccinations of course - but what about illness?
• Who's in charge - learning the rules - your dog will grow weary of trying to teach you all the ins and outs of chewing, licking and other various habits and with any luck you'll both be trained properly

We've had a bit of fun here, but if you are thinking about adding a dog to your family you really need a copy of "How to be a "Top Dog Owner" and the time to acquire that copy is now, BEFORE you go shopping.

You need Top Dog training before you bring your new pooch home. Acclimation and training begin the moment you cross the threshold with your new pet.

We'll assume that you have acquired your canine for all the right reasons. The only thing left to do is learn "How to be a "Top Dog Owner" and you can do that right now!

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