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iFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HDiFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HD

The description iFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HD Apk

Create stunning and hilarious animations of you, your friends or pets from any photo!

Download the PRO version and get all features and HD output!

iFunFace lets you create amusing videos of yourself and others by simply using a photo and creating an audio recording. Our unique speech analysis technology automatically creates the animation for you. No special skills required.
Go viral! Bring your own story to life! You and your friends can become the stars of the show!

1. Take a new photo or select one from your existing albums
2. Identify the face and mouth of one or multiple characters
3. Record your comedic bit and select a voice filter
4. Share your creation and spread the laughter

Add accessories (hats, glasses, mustaches, etc.) to any of the characters to enhance the hilarity of your iFunFace creations.

Create complex conversations with up to four characters that can interact with each other.
Easily share your videos straight from iFunFace with friends and family via email, Facebook, or simply save it to your camera roll for later enjoyment.

i Fun Face works with any person or subject: Friends, family, babies, pets, cartoons, and even you! If it's got a face, it can be brought to life!

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All new features are already in the works! The FunFace universe is continually expanding.

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10 recent comments of iFunFace Pro - Funny Videos HD APK

Duncan Suter

Cool app but really hard to get accurate! and that's with a note stylus...what's with the wobble when painting area to be cut? A zoom feature would help...and make the back button on your device go back (like 99% of other apps) and not to exit application. A lot of fun to be had all the same.

John P

This is pretty much THE app I've been looking for. This is Jibjab but better, because you are not limited to pre-recorded stuff. Just a few minor things hold it back from 5 stars. As others have said, it's quite difficult to accurately define the outline of the head. A true zoom function would really help. Also, I'd love to see more voice filters, though the ones provided are quite good. Last, I'd like to be able to pull audio/music straight from the device. Small nitpicking really for an amazing app!

Ant Van Biggs

Can you make it so you can choose a photo from your gallery as a scene, cut the face off of the base photo then from the shape of the face or faces you've cut out paste another face from another photo? In other words make a scene from your own pictures and add heads from own pictures...

Colville Grooves

Would be cool if the cropping of the heads could be done with a lasso tool, even with my stylus pen its hard to get a crisp edge..and would be cool to have somekind of time line to adjust the recordings to get rid of long pauzes between interaction in conversation..and it would be really really cool if the creators of this app would reply to the people who bought the app

Larry Streich

Would have rated it higher if your app didn't place a white line on the bottom of every video it creates. Super annoying!!!

Daniel Starr

Very funny app, I will have allot of fun with this. Would have been cool to draw mouth hole record your own video of your mouth

Toto Dutchie

Could be fun if I could find a way to get it saved with the right proportions in terms of size. The result every time is a double (sometimes striped) wideband image adjacent,covering the top 1/3. So the remaining 2/3 stays blacked out


i paid for the app to be rid of annoyances like persistent ad with lock--which seems to be new and really just like having dirty socks or a full diaper thrown in your face. now after payment to remove ads it constantly asks me to rate it. just dogs barking obnoxious. so it sucks. i hate it and i hate annoyances like asking me everytime i use something whether or not i want to rate it. fyi when you pay to not be annoyed dont then annoy. your app sucks and you're just awful people for the persistent nagging. PRO TIP: if you did not insist on bothering me i would not have felt it necessary to bash your app.

Over-Rogue Gaming

There should be option to use pre-recorded audio files. And also some times the saved animation get sticked usually at 4th second and 7th second Please fix it.

Lorie McClain

Real easy to use. Easy to figure out. Can do multiply heads and record for each head. Best app I have found

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