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The description Imaan Plus Apk

"The Shazam for the holy Quran". Imaan Plus is the first and only Islamic app for Muslims that listens to spoken Quran verses during salah and tells what they are in Arabic and English with translations.

We’ve made Imaan Plus so easy to use, when you hear the azan and stand to pray just tap once and put the phone in your pocket or on the floor, focus on your namaz and leave the rest to Imaan Plus. When you’ve finished praying, tap once again and see results.


- Continuous Quran detection
- Perfect for salah
- Complete list of verses detected with translation
- Multilingual with 30+ languages supported
- Time stamped and geo tagged results
- Share verses you loved ones with friends, don’t forget to #sharethekhair!
- Complete History
- Bookmark for later
- Beautifully designed with minimalist Islamic influences
- Always improving, we’re committed to improving your experience of Imaan Plus with new features


Imaan Plus is your digital Quran guide, start the listening process with a single tap and Imaan Plus will quietly listen to the Quran being recited. Once complete it presents the verses in a list that links directly to that chapter of the Quran.

It’s the Muslim app you've been waiting for.

Please note, we can't reply to comments in the Play Store, if you spot a bug please report it us via twitter @imaanplus, email [email protected] or our website

Our Quran app is created for you for free. We strive to create the best user experience for our users. Please send us your feedback, including new features you want us to add, so we can continue to improve your experience. If you’ve enjoyed using our Quran app as much as we have enjoyed building it, please rate and review to show your support for us.

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  • 1.1
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • August 14, 2016
  • 64C1CF6ED326DD9498A24659E5747D56B3843984
  • d0539c73b0faf524f5bb95e92e8f95dd
  • Thank you for downloading Imaan Plus! We’ve made some improvements based on your feedback:

    - Bug fixes
    - Faster Quran detection plus refinements
    - Subtle UI revisions including a quick guide on how to use the app

    Keep your feedback coming in, we review every message we receive. You can send us feedback from the Settings Screen > Feedback.

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10 recent comments of Imaan Plus APK

Abdullah Zakir

Sometimes it identifies the right Surah ayaa and sometimes it shows the wrong Surah... I request the devs to continue working on this App. It has a lot of potential like being the next Shazam but for the Quran and also please add new features like identifying some various famous Qari's, etc!

Sarim Ali

MA sha Allah nice app. Small bug though on the recording screen my brightness is always maxed out and it causes ridiculous battery drain...

Ummamah Nabeel

Thats the exact idea i had to make an app...Its wonderf... Just improve the user interface and put further details about paya no and surah no and it will be v nice..!!!!how did u get the data for voice search?

Nael Hafeez

I really wanted to get behind this app but it never recognizes anything plus it automatically maxes out my brightness and ringer

jamal ali

It's a good app and it works every time I use it. It is easy to use.

AlQuran HD

Amazing App works great. Been looking for something like this for a long time

Mian Abdullah

Its a great app help me whenever to read..

Ali Zafar

Amazing app! Surprisingly accurate

Nacer Bouchekhima

I tested it with my own voice several times, each time with a diffetent berse, and it always gave me the correct result. I recommend it.

Jermaine Spencer

I must admit that I was skeptical at first but this app delivers!! Get it now and see for yourself inshaAllaah you won't be disappointed

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