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Infection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War Free

The description Infection Bio War Free Apk

INFECT the world population with the most exciting DISEASE game on the Google Play Store.
Spread your disease using different Symptoms and Resistances!!
- Choose your Level: Easy, Medium or Hard
- Select the country to start your disease attack
- Evolve your disease and obtain dozens of transmission vehicles (Use Birds, Cattle, Water and much more)
- Add Symptoms to increase lethality
- Add Resistances to avoid being discovered
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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 8, 2016
  • BFBDDC44DAEA8B3A43E0A0BE291DC037371BE417
  • 539f379460b390b9cb281cbd9fb7dbdd
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10 recent comments of Infection Bio War Free APK

Kylie Wilcox

I can play for a little while, but then the music stops, and soon after it just shuts off I guess. It doesn't even say "sorry -- has stopped" I'm about to download it again to see if it'll work now.

Raffy Corrales

Plague inc? More like plague to your wallets inc. The fck cares even if they copy plague THE COPY IS WAAAAAAAAY MORE BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

Loh Yu Chen

But, last time I killed everyone except 1 person, and I lost. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES THAT PERSON IS HELPING TO CURE IT?!

Mat Coddington

I have no complaints, but I do have two feature suggestions: a) OPTIONAL Play Games connection/achievements & b) expansion or sequel of some kind, maybe just an update with new symptoms/events. :-D I would also be more than happy to hit a "Donate" button if I could find one.

Jeremiah Germain

This game is pretty good... it copies another game, but so what? As long as it helped us all play a game that won't take our money just for development that may never come... and this game actually made me feel like a real killer...TIP:infect all of the worlds population first to rack up points... than kill them all. Thank You for making this game! ^-^

Brittany Gathany

This is what I've been waiting for. A game where I can tickle my dark aide while I kill time. As I wait in the doctor's office or waiting for food at a restaurant, I can meticulously breed a virus to conquer the world. Enjoy, I must now go infect the world with Asswaffles...

Victor R.

So I had previously downloaded this game years ago for my S1, it was legitimately a fun game, and I really appreciated the lack of permissions. After checking out the store at the other identical games(with insane ammount of permissions) I dled this. Was excited, named my Virus and hit start. But ended up getting the infinite load screen for about 5 minutes. Tried it a few times and still had the issue. I guess its not suported on newerish phones?

Nick Arceo

I've played Plaque inc., but I prefer this one. However, there seems to be one basic strategy every single time I play. This game needs several wild cards added that aren't guaranteed to come up every single game. Also, countries with limited points of entry (like Greenland and Madagascar) are only infected by one other country. A little more diversity and randomness would be a huge plus for this game. This game is a sure 4-5 STARS for the first couple times I played. I'll change my rating after an update.

Cica Lavesh

First off. No. This game isn't as good as plague the game it was cloned from but still very good. The demographic tables are not as useful and it's easy to click past and miss information. Its also not as big in variety. That said. It is (as is the original) a very good game. I just wish the developer has been braver and put his own twist on the game instead of copying it like-for-like. That said. This game is available without a long list of permissions. I applaud dev for that. 5 stars.

Rayney Jackson

Appreciate that it's free. Game is fun to play but needs a lot more work - Needs: High scores list/achievements, bonus material that can be unlocked by winning (disease types)/ boosts, a start up menu where all these options can be viewed and explored. Will give game more 'body'

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