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Infection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War FreeInfection Bio War Free

The description Infection Bio War Free Apk

INFECT the world population with the most exciting DISEASE game on the Google Play Store.
Spread your disease using different Symptoms and Resistances!!
- Choose your Level: Easy, Medium or Hard
- Select the country to start your disease attack
- Evolve your disease and obtain dozens of transmission vehicles (Use Birds, Cattle, Water and much more)
- Add Symptoms to increase lethality
- Add Resistances to avoid being discovered
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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 8, 2016
  • BFBDDC44DAEA8B3A43E0A0BE291DC037371BE417
  • 539f379460b390b9cb281cbd9fb7dbdd
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10 recent comments of Infection Bio War Free APK

Bey Blade

This game is great truly great the easy stage is amazing and so is frenzy and everything in between but there's only one way to infect people which is basically bacteria if there was infection types like virus,fungus,etc this game would be amazing

Daniel Anon

Aside from looking almost exactly like Plague, Inc. this definitely needs a little quality assurance work. Little things like how 'symptoms' is spelled 'symptons' on the disease screen, or the fact that I was told that "(disease name) has also started research for a cure to (country)" can really make a game look bad.

Stephen Sims

The game is solid, but it needs a LOT more fact research and editing. Some of the descriptions are just trashy and rushed. I know dealing with another language is hard, but it isn't that hard to get a decent English speaker to go over your text, and some basic Wikipedia research for the entries.

Coolpad Jack

An interesting, enjoyable, mind puzzle type of game I belive you could call it. But it is about eradicating our self's so it isn't a game for everyone. But it is fun for me! (^w^) PS. I typed belive cause I like it better.

Khary Phenix

All around great game but to all the haters out there so what it is a copy you know how many copies of games there are you try makeing a completely original game its not so easy.

Raven Campbell

Transmission costs don't increase, which is great, and it looks cool. Keep up the good work

Andrew Baugh

Yes, its a bit of a rip off of plague. But plague is a ripoff of pandemic. All in all its a great game. Needs a bit more options though. Once you get the basics it takes about ten min to win in hardest difficulty.

Paul Lewis

Nice attempt at duplicating the game called Plague, Inc. But it has some problems. First, bubbles are much more difficult to pop. I am having to tap them 3 or 4 times to pop them. Also, when news and information windows open to give progress of scientists and disease status it freezes boats, planes and other activity but does not stop bubbles from going away. When bubbles pop up the same time as a window about the disease, when I finish reading and close window, the bubbles go, too. Needs more work.

Nerd Weeaboo

Yo this is the best, its great knowing I have the ability to kill the whole world! Infecting is so fun! I absolutely love this game. Its funny hearing the people cough and stuff and its great for affect. Its super awesome boss. The fact that the people think they van defeat me in hilarious. Sorry world but this game is too fun. Me and my friends always play this at school. I have had at least 14 consecutive victories. I love this! ??????????????

Soft Kolla

You call it game? Spreading diseases to kill people and enjoying. Is this called humanity?. I think developer is Jew. And they just want to kill people. Same like if you go and see in history that " What is Ebola virus?" And "What is dengue virus?". These viruses doest not exist in nature but created to kill innocent people and to low down the world population. I hate this stupid game.

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