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iNoty with style of OS 9iNoty with style of OS 9iNoty with style of OS 9

The description iNoty with style of OS 9 Apk

Something new from ịPhone 6s landing on Android phone. The beauty of OS 9 is very famous and unique. This is iNoty with style of íOS9

Style of ỉPhone 6s is making a name for it. High quality, beautiful but simple. Notification bar is not out of this. The iNoty of ịPhone 6s is something new, fresh for your default notification. The notification bar is show many information for you in the day: time, weather, music and application. So Phone 6s notification not only good and fast but only look pretty. With the famous ìOs9 style, you won’t regret using this iNoty


- Design layout notification with style of ịPhone6s
- Same function as ỉos 9 inoty on Phone6s
- Custom notification info
- Setting what to show with the style of ịOS9 on notification bar
- Customize your own inoty
- Swipe down to open notification
- Blur wallpaper background noty of ìOS9
- Custom information on the notification bar you like
- Day month year mode like ỉoS9
- Tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow
- 12h or 24h hour mode like ịos 9
- Support features like notification of ịPhone 6s with many beautiful style
- Show noty instantly just 1s like ịphone6s
- Small size but fast like los9

How to Use??:

1. Open the notification app
2. Choose setting to make them appear on the ịPhone6s noty
3. Show info depend on day
4. Custom info on noty
5. Swipe down to show notification ịOs9
6. Touch to choose any info on the notification bar
Something new for your phone. Thank you for using this iNoty with style of ịos 9

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  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • March 26, 2016
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  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • March 19, 2016
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  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 7544fbbb8225ba0ef5d6f60afe61db8b
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10 recent comments of iNoty with style of OS 9 APK


App doesnt allow bar color change once you select one on first install. Uninstalled but it reverted to same color. 2 star for now.

Haley Lynn

I've downloaded this app once before and it worked PERFECTLY!! but then I deleted it because I was having problems with my battery (nothing caused by this app) and when I get it again it won't show any notifications. None. And I know its not just because I'm a loner :P I turned on my other notification bar and had notifications that hadn't shown up on this one. Fix please? Thanks !

Roman Agineva

Although it's not transparent in homescreen. But it works on different apps. It's great

Seanna Fernan

When it is used my phone used to hang.. deleted.

Nick B

First of all: can't change the colour on the main screen, it's always blue. Second of all, can't change my time properly or show the battery procentage or change network carrier, after this I will give 5 stars

Frey Salvatore

It literally doesn't work. I turned on the Accessibility and the Notification Access but it doesn't work I tried turning it off and back on like 10 times

Dilon Denny

Doesn't show the percentage of the battery nor changes the carrier name


It doesn't show album cover from my music apps now playing on Notify and back and forward buttons as well. Please fix this problem. Thanks.

Amit Joardar

If dragging the 2nd time.. It shows the system notification bar andmost of the time skips the notifications in it... Like whatsapp msgs... Not real time notificationbar


I have a notification sound and when it goes off I check my notification. When I went to check my notification bar, NOTHING WAS THERE. I actually thought I was going crazy. I turned it off and, oh look, there is my notification.

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