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Interval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT TrainingInterval timer HIIT Training

The description Interval timer HIIT Training Apk


When you turn off the screen by pressing the power button to ver 3.0 during the self-timer countdown, it has been improved to work properly!
However, the terminal 4.0 or later only has been able to operation check android version.
(If one of the 4.0 generation does not work properly, there is it depending on terminal)
The terminal of the 2.0 generation, because there is the case that sound or no sound by the terminal, time has come, please use in the state in which to turn on the screen.
While the timer is running (not the background) state that launched the app, has become to the settings screen does not turn off.


Is repeated in the time you are set, such as sports and study , practice and a break , this app is an interval timer !

Are you studying or sports you efficient ?
It is said that the concentration of human , 30 minutes , and have only 90 minutes at the longest .
Motivation also will be broken concentration is Cut Off , work efficiency will become more and more evil .
How to recover the power of concentration , it is to take a break right out .
Taking an appropriate interval , will bring great effect that adding sparkle or study your training , you are working efficiently.

There are no complicated settings and features in this app .
With the simple design , it has been improved visibility and functionality .
Background so you can change the color of your choice , please study sports and fun to liven up the mood .

・Muscle training , exercise , fitness
・Combat Boxing , wrestling , and judo
・Study or work
・Play games, etc.

・ The setting is simple!
・I have excellent visibility character is greater !
・Can be the design of your choice by changing the background !
・Timer sound realistic !

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  • 3.08
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 690F8F7E2F522487B57FC069EADE0B69F6375151
  • df4fefa49a37fa0aedf7c19c44b15d84
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10 recent comments of Interval timer HIIT Training APK

Patrick Boyd

Great little app, I wish Android made it possible to have temporary sound volume in app and restore system global media volume on app exit. That is a criticism of all Android apps so NTNL did a great job packing as much in as they did for this excellent little timer. I appreciate the vibrate setting and voice TTS options, because I work out early in the mornings and try not to wake up my wife. I did try about half a dozen other timers before settling on this one. Thanks

Andrew Billyard

Ideally, I like its functionality. However, it starts up and immediately mutes the volume and darkens the screen. Worse, it does so every time my phone tilts. Hence when the phone is in my arm band and I lift my arm to see the phone face, the volume mutes and the screen goes dark.

Shawn Helgerson

I like this because it doesn't shut off when I navigate away from it. I can take calls, turn on music, or do whatever. This is really helpful because I exercise for seven minutes out of every hour to get myself up out of my chair.

Dan Browning

Great for those who value their privacy. The developer created an app with a simple but effective interface and apriciates that I don't want to share location, contacts, pictures, etc with a clock. Would love to see more app developers take this route.

Kimberly Petersen

Using it for run/walk intervals training with different intervals every day. Great app except you can only store one interval combo at a time. Would love to be able to store multiples and name them.

Antoine Rodney

I would give it five stars if it had the ability to save and load presets. I use the timer for stretching, cardio and weight training having to set it up each time a chore.

Rob Sung

Only suggestions are to increase the amount of intervals (currently limited to 30) and to have less annoying sounds.

Glory M

Works for many intervals and for my rep weight lifting. I workout 6 days week and I change it up with intervals and don't have to do any presets .

Elizabeth L

On my Samsung Proclaim, it runs nicely in the background until it stops after the third exercise rep. So I have to stop halfway through my run to restart it. Annoying!

Michelle Riconscente

Stopped the timer completely when I received a text. Didn't work reliably (at all) when I put phone in my pocket (after setting to home screen and app running in background). Very disappointed.

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