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The description iTarget Pro Apk

iTarget Pro, now new and improved!

Practice your aim from the comfort of your own home. The iTarget Pro app is designed to allow you to safely improve your marksmanship without the cost and hassle of going to the gun range— and with the firearms you already own!

Dry fire practice is used by the FBI, the US military, police departments and competitive shooters, and is highly recommended by many firearm instructors.

The iTarget Pro app uses a laser light detection algorithm to locate and track hits. Simply load your firearm with its respective iTarget Laser Bullet and fire away!

• Automatically detects hits on the target
• Tracks your accuracy over time
• Easy to use
• Completely safe
• Additional game modes for purchase

Be sure to read all safety warnings before practicing. This app is intended for use with the iTarget products available at and is not meant to be used with other laser or firearm products.

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  • 1.6.2
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • February 19, 2017
  • AF93D00057A3904706153A43828BF8BA10DDCCAB
  • 502142377e5b5c54bd090bc617760b79
  • This version adds the in-app purchase of QuickDraw.
    You can download the target image from here:

    QuickDraw will let you test your speed and accuracy at drawing and shooting.
    QuickDraw purchase will also unlock the silhouette target overlay for Bullseye.
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  • 1.9
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 26, 2016
  • AF93D00057A3904706153A43828BF8BA10DDCCAB
  • 0ad261fd210c86db7d8f7b5905afa819
  • This version adds the Ballistic Offset feature. If your sights have been zeroed at the range, this enables you to zero the app to your sights. Things like wind and bullet drop can be accounted for. Go to settings and choose ballistic offset. Center the overlay and aim at the center and shoot the laser. Ignore where the laser actually hits. An average of the last 5 shots will be taken. When you go back to the bullseye training mode, the holes will offset from where the laser hits.
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  • 1.4
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • September 14, 2016
  • AF93D00057A3904706153A43828BF8BA10DDCCAB
  • 224707831b34bbf313a78fd920fede3c
  • Fixed an issue where the target overlay would get stuck in corner
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10 recent comments of iTarget Pro APK

Rick Ryen

Works well with 2 motorola phones. I use a crimson trace green laser to sight. The green sight laser does not trigger a hit, but the red laser in the chamber does. Perfect. It filters by color. Just what I wanted.

Shaun G

I received the iTarget and set it up to find out the image is upside-down. I contacted iTarget and they sent me a link to a beta version of the app. This new app did make the image appear right-side up, but all the shots are registering low on the target when I can clearly see the laser hit in the 10 or 9 circle. I even purposefully shot at the top ring of the target, but the app still registered the hit at the bottom of the target. It would have been nice to know that the app does not work with the Nexus 5x before purchasing.

Dennis Harris

I absolutely love this app dry firing without any ways of recording shots is useless and how can you beat the price. I'm sure there are more bells and whistles that could be added like increasing the font size talking the score maybe emailing or saving images but those are not truly needed to improve your shooting I am looking forward to Future upgrades

Austin Ricca

Didn't work with my LG G6 but iTarget support quickly responded to an email and sent me a link for a beta of an updated version. Works great. Took a couple of minutes to figure out how to align the target to the app, but it's a great tool for improving on your accuracy. Love it.

Brian Mains

I had tp get support give me a beta of this app because it didnt give lg support, but this works now. App works good.

Big Pete

Had issues with camera on LG G6, contacted itarget and Joe was quick to respond back with an updated app. Now it works great, fun and awesome unit. Great job Joe!

Dan C

Doesn't matter how many times I seriously the thing out, it always registers low. The screen shows the bullet hole in the bullseye but registers it as a 6. Completely unacceptable for a paid app. I gave it an extra star, because I can St least still use it as a shot timer. It's just completely useless as a shot scorer.

Vinny Francone

Slightly buggy possibly. No amount of adjusting sensitivity would register a shot. So on a whim I just started a practice and all shots registered properly. Might be more of a problem with itarget instructions on how to use the app and not the app. But since it is their app and it should be integrated I downgraded a star. Otherwise this is five stars. Works flawlessly. The itarget system also works flawlessly. This is novel and I dare say revolutionary. I highly recommend the itarget. I am telling all fellow gun enthusists about it. .

Kelly Zehnter

There are many issues with this app. First, this app does not work on my lg g6. I have to use my wife's galaxy s7 to get the app to work. Second, the functions on the app is very poorly designed. If I want to shoot, I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get it to work. Third, with the cost of the product, I should not have to do in app purchases to use all of its aspects. Fourth, the camera and target don't line up. I have to spend about 10 to 15 minutes just trying to get the whole target in the camera view. Fifth, when purchasing the product, it needs to be mandatory to list all of the devices names that will work with the product/app. This is how you avoid returns and negative reviews. I will be keeping the product because it works on my wife's phone, but I let my friends know not to buy the product until they check the apps usefulness on their phones.

Robert Bond

Got this as a gift. Useless to me. Will not work with my phone. The developers of this app really need to list phones that work. Someone buys the system with their hard earned money and the sellers don't have the professionalism to divulge all information.

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