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Jetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack Joyride

The description Jetpack Joyride Apk

Bullet-powered jetpacks! Giant mechanical dragons! Birds that shoot money!

From the makers of the global hit game, Fruit Ninja comes this insane, high flying endless runner that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

It's time to join Barry Steakfries and equip the coolest jetpacks, suit up in stylish costumes and ride crazy vehicles in his endless running quest to beat the scientists to the end of the lab.

Over 750 million players have made Jetpack Joyride one of the best games on the Google Play Store

Download FREE now to start a new game and escape the lab!


”This game is the best! I love it! I have been playing for a long time! I love how you can change his outfit and his Jetpack. I only have the one gadget. Also I love how it's just fun! The missions are challenging. That's the best part! Love this game!”
Crazy Llama - Feb 8, 2020

”It is an incredible game that allows you to progress as you want, the equipment you want and there is also a third slot that is a good buy and it is worth it. Ads can help you progress even faster even with events that are also wonderful. In conclusion it is addictive, attractive and a good game I love and personally recommend it.”
Diego Alatorre - Feb 21, 2020

”The favorite features of the game to my liking are: The gameplay: it is the best thing that the game has for example every time you take more meters you go faster The events: one of the things that I adore the most and I love the game for example back to the future some of the best collaborations in the world to my appearance The objects that can be bought: I also tell the gadgets I love them And finally I know that this is not something of the game but the nostalgia that this game gives me is the best”
Alonso Mendez - Jan 31, 2020


⚡Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history
⚡Surf the wave-rider in all its glory
⚡Complete daring missions to boost your rank
⚡Customise your look with ridiculous outfits
⚡Dodge lasers, zappers, and guided missiles
⚡Collect coins and make millions of dollars
⚡Storm the lab in giant mechs and crazy vehicles
⚡Equip high-tech gadgets and power-ups
⚡Earn achievements and battle it out against friends
⚡Test your reflexes with simple one-touch controls
⚡New free game modes in special events


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.
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  • 1.28.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • May 23, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 507d9b2230a85ab826b4ffea6e8e55aa
  • نقدم الحدث المميز الجديد Hygiene

    مارس التباعد الاجتماعي واجمع رموز صابون اليد لفتح مكافآت جديدة!
    العب الآن للحصول على جوائز حصرية:
    اربح جلد الطيور
    مطهر Jetpack
    زي ممرضة
    الطبيب S.A.M. للبشرة
    خلفيات المستوى

    اغسل يديك وانضم إلى حدث المجموعة الآن!

    متاحة لوقت محدود
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  • 1.27.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • April 29, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • f5fec460f0092e3ac1b1d9f3a940ae53
    Lánzate por la calles de “Hill Valley”. Desbloquea premios excepcionales como un propulsor electrizante, trajes icónicos, la nueva apariencia “S.A.M. de vapor” y mucho más!

    NUEVO MODO DE JUEGO – ¡Desafía al tiempo! Recoge fichas para extender tu recorrido. ¿Cuánto tiempo durarás?

    MÁQUINA DEL TIEMPO DELOREAN – ¡Alcanza 88 mph en este vehículo y viajarás en el tiempo!

    PATINETA – Patina por las calles con estilo. ¡Escapar de la muerte nunca fue tan genial!
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  • 1.26.2
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • April 10, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • cfa33399cf344df3831cdadb4eaed57d
  • Se ha mejorado la optimización y se han arreglado fallos generales.
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  • 1.26.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • April 7, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 8d8d5eca52f720c64888652811fbdfc1
  • ¡Que ovocionante! ¡Ha llegado el EVENTO JOVOLGORIO DE PASCUA!

    ¡Roboconejos mordedores, pollos chillones y chocoapisonadoras son solo el principio! 


    🔥 Vehículos exclusivos de Pascua
    🔥 NUEVOS jetpacks y trajes
    🔥 Desbloquea el S.A.M de chocolate GRATIS

    ¡Únete ya a la diversión chocolateada!

    Disponible por tiempo limitado.
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  • 1.25.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • March 18, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 46007b61745dbe6a99db2693dff5f40d
    ¡El evento del día de San Patricio ya está aquí! Reúne obsequios de trébol para desbloquear tus premios exclusivos.

    ¡Desbloquea el elegante atuendo irlandés completamente nuevo y el SAM de San Patricio GRATIS!


    ¡Recorre el laboratorio como la aterradora leyenda irlandesa!

    ¡Delicado y con estilo! Enseña tu figura mítica de hada con este nuevo Jetpack.
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  • 1.23.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • January 24, 2020
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 16039522c20fa340eb1d8e6e570b0263

    ¡Celebra el 2020 de la manera correcta!

    ¡Recoge los "Sobres rojos" para desbloquear nuevos y exclusivos premios del Año Nuevo Chino!


    • Ábrete camino a través del laboratorio con nuestro nuevo JETPACK LANZALLAMAS
    • Móntate en el nueva vehículo Buey actualizado para el Lil Stomper
    • Celebra el año de la rata con el exclusivo TRAJE DE RATA

    Xin nian hao!
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  • 1.22.2
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • December 20, 2019
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 6835da1be1c74a609c7160b7f62a60e6

    Nuestros elfos han estado trabajando duro, creando un menú totalmente nuevo para la tienda

    ¿Te has perdido algún paquete de evento de este año? Bueno, ahora es tu oportunidad para hacerte con ese paquete exclusivo de evento.

    Los paquetes de evento solo vuelven a estar disponibles durante las Navidades, ¡así que date prisa!
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  • 1.22.1
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • December 13, 2019
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • 5618295faa6cb1c2c5e37daccd1c6664
    ¿Ya es Navidad? Eso significa regalos, ¿verdad?
    ¡Recoge las bolas de Navidad voladoras para desbloquear 10 exclusivos regalos de Navidad en el Evento Navideño!

    Desbloquea TUS REGALOS de esta Navidad:
    - Trajes navideños
    - Disfraces INSÓLITOS solo disponibles en Navidad
    - El vehículo SLEIGH of AWESOME
    - Y por tiempo limitado, el exclusivo S.A.M.T.A. ¡Todo GRATIS!

    - Traje de elfo
    - Mochila propulsora Bola de Nieve
    - Guiverno de hielo
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  • 1.21.5
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • November 26, 2019
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • d47fc819585687705078566b66a5735f
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  • 1.21.4
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • November 21, 2019
  • 29E6F365885B76A6F1A375ADAA2994BC2E083690
  • d51611dd002cad38c7c2279d662cfc71
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10 recent comments of Jetpack Joyride APK

PROBLEM!! I bought the bubble jet pack and its now mine. However, it doesn't let me equip. I get a locking sound when I press equip but whenever it, its the machine gun pack.this is the first jet pack I bought. Please fix this asap. I don't like the default jet pack.

Fnaf Legend

I played this on ps3. I first started playing this on ps3 it was amazing And then I was addicted to it I love it so I tried on my tablet and the same only thing that was different was the graphics. Still very awesome.

The game is a good way to spend a few hours in the car and does not waist my data! It's a great time passer, as stated before.

Jayden Gordon

This game is so cool and fun please check this game out it is a real time game


5 out of five! Jam packed with crazy speed, sweet suits and groovy tunes! One idea I got for this game is a kind of suggestion box. You place images into the box (well, upload them) and you guys at half brick consider them. My idea is a little bit like the laser jetpack, but instead it's one of the missiles. And when you fly it lets out the smoke and fire effect the missle exhaust has. Just an idea.

Alex Yorim

In both sarcastic and sincere parts. Sarcastic due to the part that I have to restart my progress and repurchase my stuff (Again!) due to the months that I haven't played this, even though I synced it; Sincere due to the how fun it is and the newer features that you introduce each day, and that even though I lost much, it's a challenge to go back to basics. Wee bit late for you 5th anniversary, but Great Game.

katie bainbridge

Ever since the christmas update its so lagging and just closes when it wants half way through a level, its not the storage on my as ive deleted one of my fav games and still does the same thing, this used to be 5* for me but now its a 1* having to keep loading the game up when it closes!!!!!!!! Really doing my head in now gonna delete soon if not sorted out!! ???

Toby Whelan

I had a fone update on my samsung j5. Installed jetpack joy ride back on as i love this game and everything has gone. Im connect to my google account aswell. I hate updates. They always ruin my life

Curtis Sylvester Jr.

As much as I love the game, i refuse to accept the ads that have since been imposed on what was once a free game. It was enough that we had to pay for extra coins, but adding adware went too far. Enjoy the 1 star rating

It is cool

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